This is what Samsung is up to in Lagos on 7th October 2015

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Just when I had decided that I would take a rest from the increasingly unbearable Lagos traffic tomorrow and work from home, I got my plans for a Netflix-and-chill day at home dashed. Samsung showed up and scattered my plans. But not in a bad way.

Samsung teaser

You see, they sent me an invitation to the official launch of the Galaxy Note 5 in Nigeria. I will still chill at home tomorrow and then dash out for the launch event. Perhaps I shall engage Uber for the ride to and fro. I really am not in the mood to drive. But wait, who says I have to be the one to go? Hey, Elroy…!

The Note 5 is a 5.7-inch phablet with a stylus. It is powered by an octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM. Feel free to check out all its details on our Galaxy Note 5 specifications page.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Launch-Invitation

Samsung’s Note series have been the most powerful, most versatile devices in the brand’s smartphone lineup. As a matter of fact, phablets are successful today because of Samsung’s Note series. I am a personal fan of the series and I personally owned the Galaxy Note II. See my review: The richest Android experience – Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Anyway, I am looking forward to tomorrow’s launch event. Don’t go away, people.


  1. Not him – I hope they dash one to Elroy on his behalf. Mister Mo, stay home and Netflix and Chill…. 😀

  2. Whether they dash elroy or mobility team, koko is they should sha let us know what’s up.

    By the way, this phone is in the market, isn’t it? how come samsung is just officially launching it? Or am I mixing the phones up?

  3. It’s taken them all of two months to finally decide to launch the Note 5 in Nigeria,goes to show how much our market matters to them..

  4. was only launched a month ago in India, a much bigger market than Nigeria. logistics and other things play a part in these launches

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