Those crazy characters on BlackBerry – Why do people use them?

Crazy fonts

This morning, I tweeted this:

@Mister_Mobility: Sigh. Am I the only one who dislikes all these special fonts used by a number of #BlackBerry users?

If you’ve seen some tweets or FB messages from some BlackBerry users, you know what I mean. Many times, you need the services of a cryptologist to decipher what has been typed.

Anyway, within minutes of that tweet, my TL was flooded with responses – and all of them were in agreement. And some of those responses were passionate.

Childish fonts

So, here I am asking, If so many people dislike those crazy characters, why do so many others persist in using them? A case of one man’s food being another man’s poison?

PS: By the way, if you’re not yet following Mister Mo on Twitter, what planet do you live on?

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