Advertisement This morning, I tweeted this: @Mister_Mobility: Sigh. Am I the only one who dislikes all these special fonts used by a number of #BlackBerry


Those crazy characters on BlackBerry – Why do people use them?

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Crazy fonts


This morning, I tweeted this:

@Mister_Mobility: Sigh. Am I the only one who dislikes all these special fonts used by a number of #BlackBerry users?

If you’ve seen some tweets or FB messages from some BlackBerry users, you know what I mean. Many times, you need the services of a cryptologist to decipher what has been typed.


Anyway, within minutes of that tweet, my TL was flooded with responses – and all of them were in agreement. And some of those responses were passionate.

Childish fonts


So, here I am asking, If so many people dislike those crazy characters, why do so many others persist in using them? A case of one man’s food being another man’s poison?

PS: By the way, if you’re not yet following Mister Mo on Twitter, what planet do you live on?

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  2. its so annoying when i see all those character. i take it that it may be fun between blackberry users when using bbm . but it is unforgivable when the characters are used on other public websites where non bb users frequent. it hampers good communication, i mean, trying to decipher what has been written becomes a pain. most times i just skip their comments and move to the next one

  3. Even within BBM, its not fun. It annoys me a lot. Luckily, most of my contacts don’t use that rubbish on their bbs.

  4. I can’t see any pic of the funny characters on this post. Just tweets about people expressing displeasure. Except I’m missing something or if this article is meant for only BB users, then it’s difficult to appreciate the point made here.

    I just got a Blackberry for my wife because that was what she wanted. Not due to any fault of mine. So far I haven’t seen any funny characters in her messages. Perhaps a pic of some of the funny characters wouldn’t be out of place on this post!

  5. I see a lot of those funny characters on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter too. I’ve even seen comments here at Mobility blog. Opera Mini, don’t even decode those characters well, sometimes replacing with square boxes. In such situations, it almost impossible to make sense of what the person intends. If only the characters can be decoded correctly, it would be a lot different.

  6. Just like Ogbongeblog mentioned , they use it to inform the other party that they are BB compliant. I just ignore them once they pop up. Communication is never achieved.

  7. @afewgoodmen, below is a sample I copied from someone’s comment on a site through BB

    “Whoa FO??????? wia ! Land phone formal Nitel L??Ö???????(=)))????Ö???L??. All network r fuckd depenf O??????? ???? area joo Ooº°?”

    As a matter of fact, the comment was well decided here. I couldn’t make sense of it where I copied it from originally. It didn’t appear anything like the above.

  8. These characters are really funny. While typing in the comment box, just before I submitted the sample i gave, I could see emoticons and co. now after submitting the comment above they are all gOne.

  9. Seems most bb users simply dont know that most other platform dont support those fancy fonts. They shld limit their use to bbm. I have a friend that persistently uses them when chatting with me on whatsapp and they only come up on my fone and a bunch of 0s and squares well after several warnings I simply started ignoring which I still do till today no time jor..of course she dey vex.

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