Samsung Z1 will launch with Open Mobile ACL Android apps support

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According to Tizen Experts, Samsung’s first Tizen OS smartphone, the Z1, will launch with Open Mobile ACL android apps support. This means it will be able to run Android apps. This feat is said to be made possible using Open Mobile’s ACL Technology, which has tens of thousands of Android Apps as part of its catalogue. The OpenMobile Application Compatibility Layer (ACL)™ enables the Android app ecosystem to run on any non-Android operating system.

Open Mobile ACL android apps on Tizen

Citing a demonstration video, Tizen Experts say “you can’t tell the difference between running the same App on an Android phone compared to a Tizen phone. There is a little hit on battery but overall a Tizen device will out perform a similarly powered Android device in terms of performance and battery.”

That sounds like good news for Tizen OS. It means that the fledgling OS will not suffer a dire lack of apps while maturing. Samsung Z1 is expected to be launched on the 18th January 2015.



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