If you haven’t heard of Google’s new Evernote clone, Keep, now you know about it. Yes; Google is spreading their tentacles deep and now its

To Keep or not to keep?

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If you haven’t heard of Google’s new Evernote clone, Keep, now you know about it. Yes; Google is spreading their tentacles deep and now its a service that stores your notes and syncs them across multiple devices. Like Evernote.

I took Keep for a quick spin on my Android smartphone and found it clean, simple and fun to use. You can create a pure text note, or launch the camera to take a picture to insert in your note. Notes can be customized in a range of funky colours. You can also dictate notes and have the app convert it to text. Note dictation worked pretty well too when I tried it out. Here are a few screenshots:






Will Mo Keep?

The app does what it says it does, and does it in a simple, fun way. Will I keep Google Keep? Nah; not a chance. Keep is still very basic. Evernote has more features that meet my needs and synchronizes with a number of other services that I have been using for years. Perhaps as Keep matures, it will offer more and I might just reconsider. For now, I stay with Evernote.


  1. There are far more capable Note Apps on Android than one can shake a stick at.

    this is NOT it, YET. not by a looong shot.

    why is Google even bothering dabbling into all these?

  2. This is my first Note on “Keep”

    I hope Google will note kill Keep like they want to kill Google Reader

  3. SMS Backup + by Jan Berkel is probably the most useful app i have on my Android phones. Allowing me to synch my SMSs across both phones and my gmail. Thanks to Mr Mo i now know there’s something called Google Keep which allows you to synch notes across your Android devices and your Google account. Sweet, sweet sweet! I already synch my contacts, emails and SMSs across my phone and Google account (…for when I’m browsing on a laptop/desktop), adding notes to it it’s not hard to see why Personal Efficiency is my middle name!!! 🙂

  4. @IBK, look beyond Android! Cross platform capabilities are what makes an app rock. I bet a very huge percentage of those note taking apps are not available elsewhere. That’s why Evernote will still be reigning. once Google develops Keep for iOS, BlackBerry, (hopefully WP) etc people will flock in

  5. Yeah, maybe Google should not have bothered but when you have a company like Apple as competitor, you just have to try your hands on as much area as possible before Apple integrates such in their devices and place a caveat emptor on other operating system vendors. Even if it doesn’t survive, at least there’s a prior art to leverage on when Apple starts their bullying business.

  6. I will pass on Google Keep just as I have passed on Reader, Currents and a whole bunch of other Google apps.

    Why? I can use Flipboard across platforms and I do, just as I can with Pocket and Evernote.

    So long as Google is locked in to their ecosystem, there are plenty of apps that allow me to access my info in various devices. And that’s how I like it. Plus I don’t need Google to fish for more information to target me.

  7. Yeah checked Google Keep , and its very basic , there’s one more
    NoteSmartly , launching soon on BB10 , and they say , it will launch on other platform as well. They showcased on blackberry experience forum , NYC event .

  8. It does not make sense. I have to spend N1,000 in one day to qualify for 100MB of data, which I have to use in one day. It’s a no deal

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