Android users face many problems due to extensive use of these devices for numerous tasks. Let’s discuss some common problems which affect Android performance negatively.

Top 5 Android Problems and Solutions

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Android users face many problems due to extensive use of these devices for numerous tasks. Let’s discuss some common problems which affect Android performance negatively. We will discuss the
solutions for same as well.

Android problems - clear cache

Battery drain

This is the biggest challenge with Android devices, as these devices are used to perform numerous tasks. You not only use Android devices to make or receive calls but they are used for browsing, playing games, taking pictures and making videos, listening to music and for lot other things.

Other than these tasks, battery draining features like screen brightness, location services, syncing
services etc. also cause problems. Due to all these tasks, your device battery drains quite fast, except your phone has a huge battery. You can fix the problem by manual intervention e.g. reducing screen brightness, turning off 4G/3G mobile data when not needed. You can also use certain battery saver apps which may help you fix the problem.

Cluttered & Unorganized data

When Android devices are used to perform numerous tasks, these devices accumulate a lot of data over time. The prolonged use starts creating speed and performance issues and the main culprit behind it is cluttered and unorganized data. Over time, unnecessary data in the form of cache files, cookies, temporary files, log files, duplicate and other junk files mess up the device storage space. These unnecessary files not only occupy precious storage space but they also affect device performance negatively.

To deal with it, you can perform the manual cleaning of the device to clear cache and other junk files or you can opt Android cleaner apps for instant results. These apps remove all unnecessary data from your device to recover storage space and to improve device performance. Alternatively, you can move your data to Cloud servers to recover some storage space.

Network issues

If you are facing slow reception or network breaks, then a simple ‘restart’ process may help you fix the problem. Other options include:

  1. Enable Airplane mode on your device for 30 seconds, toggle it off and try connecting again.
  2. If you are on Wi-Fi try to reset your Wi-Fi router.
  3. Keep Wi-Fi range in the mind as when you stay around the Wi-Fi device it offers better connectivity.

Android not responding

This is a very common problem in which your device doesn’t respond at all. To fix it, first see if the device is properly charged. If not, charge it for some time and see if the problem persists.

If you have a removable battery in your device, remove your device battery for a few seconds and reinsert it. Now, restart the device to check if everything is fine.

Another possible solution is to do a hard reboot of your device. To do this, hold the power button for few seconds and release it to restart your device. You can also try factory reset setting in Recovery mode to fix the problem. To do this, press combination of “Power button + Volume down” or “Home + Back” buttons to enter recovery mode. Now select “Wipe data/ Factory reset” option. Note that a factory reset will delete everything on your device. If everything else doesn’t work seek help from the service center.

Apps won’t download

There are times when Android users face issues downloading apps from Google play store. Cache files stored in Google Play Store may cause this problem. To clear cache files to go to Settings -> Apps -> All -> Google Play Store and hit ‘Clear Cache’ button. You can also try to wipe out Google Play Store’s history to do this go to Settings -> Clear local search history.

You can follow these simple steps to fix some of the most common issues of Android device. Fixing these
common issues can help you improve your device speed and performance.

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