Top Biggest Rumours About The Next Phantom Device

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It is that time of the year when mobile phone makers release their flagship devices into the market and Africa number one mobile brand, TECNO, is not left behind as there are rumours already flying around that the next Phantom device may be launched any time soon. Would it be 7 and/or 7+? Below are the top rumours about the next Phantom smartphone from TECNO Mobile.

Next Phantom Device: Front Placed Fingerprint Scanner

Next Phantom Device - front placed fingerprint scanner
While we are still being fascinated by the dual rear camera configuration, there are speculations that the next TECNO Flagship might have its fingerprint sensors placed at the front instead of the usual back placement. This means it will double as the home button as well as securing the device. Is TECNO Mobile going the Apple ways this year? Only time will tell.

Next Phantom Device: Eye Scanner And Voice Unlock Application

Next Phantom Device - Eye Scanner
There are conflicting rumours that the latest TECNO Flagship will come with an eye scanner, and a voice unlocking application. While this might be a rumour, I do hope it is true, and if it is, it means TECNO is about to outdo themselves as far as security is concerned.

Next Phantom Device: 20MP + 16MP Rear Camera

The biggest rumour is that the new TECNO flagship device will come with a dual back camera of 20MP + 16MP configuration. If you could recall, the Phantom 6 has 13MP + 5MP dual back cameras, the 13MP being the main camera while the 5MP is the refocus camera.

Next Phantom Device - 20MP + 16MP rear camera

The camera is expected to be built with materials provided by one of its competitor just like its predecessor. So, if the rumours flying around turn out to be true then, we might be expecting one of the best camera phones this year from TECNO Mobile.

While many people are still basking in the euphoria and awesomeness of the Phantom 6, the next flagship is almost here, and tech lovers are itching to place their hands on the beauty.

Let’s hear your take on the features above and your expectations from the Next Phantom from TECNO Mobile.


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