Top five phones for the style conscious person

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If you are out phone-shopping and want something with class and style, something to make a statement with everywhere you go, here are my picks for you in alphabetical order.

Apple iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s continues Apple’s legacy of offering a device that looks and feels premium, even if it is limited in terms of some of the functionality that people take for granted on other smartphones. The sapphire crystal and stainless steel-framed Touch ID button on the front of the device sets it in a new class. If you love the finer things of life and cannot be too bordered with the rather smallish 4-inch display, you cannot go wrong with the iPhone 5s.

BlackBerry Z30

The Z30 oozes class in every way. The 5-inch display is rich, displaying deep black and has fine strip of aluminium around the bottom and sides. BlackBerry 10 may not have all the apps available on other platforms and may be headed for a corner, but the Z30 will get you the attention that you want, as well as get the job done. If you are after style and class, chances are that you are not a geek anyway and so won’t miss a thing getting the Z30.


HTC One Silver
The HTC One is breathtaking with its aluminium unibody and large gorgeous 4.7-inch display is quite the looker. In describing the HTC One, one word will suffice: simplicity. The design of the HTC One may be simple, but the Android OS it runs is a fully-featured smartphone operating system, so you are not missing out on anything.

Nokia Lumia 925

nokia-lumia-925 (1)
The Lumia 925 is one heck of a looker. Its very distinctive design, built on a stylish aluminium frame and a polycarbonate back, makes it stand out in any crowd. The Windows Phone 8 UI looks fits in with the overall design theme of the 925 too.

Sony Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1
The frame of the Android-powered Z1 is aluminium, but it has enough glass on it to be called the glass phone. Glass has always been classy. How many tasteless people do you know who live in glass houses? Did I mention that the Xperia Z1 is also water-proof? That’s class the way James Bond would like it. The only things missing on the Z1 are bullet-proof and laser gun.

Pick your style

There you have my list of recommended smartphones for those who want to be seen sporting a stylish phone in 2013. Did you notice the prevalence of metal and glass across these devices? You did? Good. Every single phone on this list will set you aside in any business or social gathering. They will all also give you access to your email, Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, and web, among others. They also pack some of the best cameras on mobile. So, if money is not an issue with you, go get yourself one of these. Thank me later.


  1. // So, if money is not an issue with you, go get yourself
    one of these. Thank me later//.

    No thanks!

    why must effective medicine taste so bitter?

    can’t soup be sweet without money killing it”?

    Those phones may be classy, but they also clash with my philosophy of “why pay more, if you can pay less? ”

    I pass.

  2. Lumia 925 and iPhone 5s will do . @EBK The soup would have been sweet without money killing it if our greedy carriers will subsidies the phone and let us sign contract for a year .

  3. Olusheenor, I was going to say the same. apparently plastic and classy don’t mix

    burnished metal and glass are smoother..

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