Every year is exciting in smartphones. But as this year wraps up, this is a good time to have a look at the top trending smartphone features of 2019. These were the features that drove smartphones during the year.

The Top Trending Smartphone Features of 2019

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We could begin this article by saying that 2019 was an exciting year in smartphones. But that would be tired. Afterall 2018 was, and the year before it was, and so was the year before that. Every year is exciting in smartphones. But as the year wraps up, this is a good time to have a look at the top trending smartphone features of 2019.

Notchless Display

Notchless displays were one of the Top Trending Smartphone Features of 2019
Notchless displays were one of the top trending smartphone features of 2019

After seeing smartphone manufacturers try to outdo one another with the display notch for 2 years, it was refreshing to see them try to get rid of it as much as possible in 2019. OPPO was at the forefront of this drive to banish the notch into the annals of mobile history, and several other manufacturers followed suite.

The motorized pop-up slider was the primary means of making sure that displays have no notch. This comes at a cost though, and so it has been mostly limited to premium smartphones and mid-rangers. But, yes; the notch is on its way out. And it has to be said, notchless displays are simply beautiful.

Not everyone is a fan of the pop-up selfie camera though. There are those who find it ugly when extended. The good thing though is that there is no-one who thinks that notchless edge-to-edge displays are ugly. Thanks be to the gods.

In-display Fingerprint Scanner

Huawei P30 review - in-display fingerprint reader
In-display fingerprint scanners have gone more mainstream and also become more reliable as the second generation of the technology hit the streets. Some of the teething problems with the technology have been overcome and significant progress has been made.

In addition, in-display scanners have also made it to mid-range smartphones. It is only a matter of time before we see it on entry-level devices as well.

AI – Artifical Intelligence

artificial intelligence - ai

There is some debate over whether what we have in smartphones today is really artificial intelligence or not. That debate will go on, but what everyone agrees on is that smartphones are more intelligent than they used to be and are able to help us get things done better now than ever before.

In 2019, the AI buzz in smartphones has refused grown to such heights that it is now a commodity. Even entry-level smartphones below the $100 price point tout some form of artificial intelligence. Usually, AI is found applied the most in cameras and battery optimization.

Without doubt, we will see more applications of AI in mobile phones in the year 2020. And we are betting that there are no limits to the new implementations we will see.

Penta & 108MP Camera

Xiaomi CC9 Pro 108MP penta camera
Xiaomi CC9 Pro has a 108MP penta camera. This has become one of the top trending smartphone features of 2019.

Nokia was first to break the penta camera barrier when the long-awaited Nokia 9 arrived in February 2019. Unfortynately, the Nokia flagship has refused to make as big a splash as had been hoped. HMD Global implemented the penta camera in a way that was more friendly towards photography professionals than towards smartphone consumers.

But other manufacturers jumped on it. In November 2019, Xiaomi released both the Mi CC9 Pro and Mi Note 10 with a penta camera setup. The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 also was the world’s first penta camera with a 108MP sensor. It is curerently rated by DX0Mark as the 3rd best cameraphone in the world.

While penta cameras only became one of the top trending smartphone features of 2019 late in the year, it is clear that the bar has been raised for smartphone photography. The top-rated smartphone camera on DX0Mark is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, and it has a quad camera, which is just one sensor less.

We are expecting Samsung to debut a penta camera on the Galaxy S11 Plus. The Korean brand will aslo introduce a 108MP sensor on the Galaxy S11 family and you can expect other manufacturers to jump on the penta and 108MP camera bandwagon.

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