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It is no news that technology has since evolved to the point where it can now be worn as a piece of fashion accessory to even match with whatever attire you put on. I want to share with you my current top 3 wearables and a smart gown that I dream of.

1. Smart Watches

Smart Watches are a convergence of time-keeping with smart features. They have features that may include 2G, 3G and 4G support, WiFi, App store, etc, so you can use them stand-alone. They can also connect to your smartphones so you can get notifications and even manage your messages without touching your phone.

Even though I think smart watches force notifications on you, I still think they are awesome.

2. Health and Fitness Wearables

Health-focused wearables fascinate me. Being able to monitor my health without making a trip to the doctor every time is a great convenience. Zephr Anywhere’s BioPatch is a good example – it delivers real time data to a patient’s doctor.

3. Smart Shades

There are different kinds of smart specs out there. I particularly love the ones that let you take pictures and video and then sync them with your smart phone, while still protecting your eyes from the sun. You can read about it HERE.


A Dream Smart Gown

We now have earrings, wristwatches and sunglasses that are smart. What I need now is a smart gown to complement these accessories.

There were no smart watches some years ago, and new kinds of wearables keep showing up. So, while I have not seen this dream gown of mine yet, I am just going to put it out here. What kind of smartness do I have in mind?

Think of a gown with sensors and chameleon-like abilities, so it can match and blend colours at will. For example, if I wear a pair of black shoes, a smart gown should be able to match the black colour. Nice; right? Not so impossible, and I am looking forward to owning such a gown.

Over to you: What kind of wearables rock your boat?

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