Transform Your Samsung with WizIconizer, Take a Peek

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Are you a Samsung user? Are you bored with the default look of Touchwiz on your phone? Worry no more. WizIconizer lets you change the default Samsung TouchWiz Icons using icon packs from other popular launchers e.g Nova, Apex, Go etc.


You simply download any icon pack you love , install and apply it with WizIconizer. The app is still in beta stage, but a recent update allows you to download and install icon packs from within the app making things easier.



WizIconizer only works on Android versions 4.1.2 or above, and sadly you must be rooted in order to apply the new icon packs.

You can try WizIconizer from their official page


  1. why not just get a 3P Launcher? if you like TouchWiz get a TouchWiz based Launcher. Icon Packs would still work and you’d have access to Themes as well

  2. Touchwiz. Boring.
    Not enough screens. Just 5. Nova gives you 9 as well as near infinite customizations.

  3. that’s not true, you can have more than 5 pages on your TouchWiz homescreen, question is why you would want to. is there a landmine in your app drawer?

  4. LOL @ landmines!

    Touchwiz definitely can do more than 5 pages…this is nice tho…for some

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