Advertisement In the last five years or so, Nokia has ruled the cameraphone world. Some of the real life stories associated with Nokia’s cameraphones are almost legendary…

True Story: Nokia N8 kickstarted his professional career in photography



In the last five years or so, Nokia has ruled the cameraphone world. Some of the real life stories associated with Nokia’s cameraphones are almost legendary stuff. The Nokia N8 (released 2010) was one of these amazing photography smartphones.

It was a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. It ran Symbian OS and was the top dog cameraphone of its time (2010-11). A short movie, The Commuter, was shot on the N8. A Kenyan TV series was shot on it. There are quite a number of other stories of how the N8 was used in professional photography environments with stunning results. I owned the N8 and published my experiences with it extensively here on MOBILITY.


Ayodimeji Chukwuma Olugbewesa is today a professional photographer resident in Nigeria. He owes his career in photography to the N8.



Here is his account as carried in a Sun News interview. Answering a question about what motivated his decision to venture into photography, here was his response:

It all came to my conscious­ness when I bought a Nokia N8 phone few years back and start­ed creating images with it and posting to my Flickr stream (Flickr is a photo site owned by Yahoo). My white followers saw it and loved the way I composed my shots and encouraged me. Also my friend, Bayo Lawson also called Blawz encouraged me. Blawz as at that time just started his journey into photog­raphy. He is a film maker now. Prior to that time as a growing kid, I was often gifted with small film cameras like Kodak and Agfa. Then I used it to document my trips and events I attended. Then I’d give the film to my dad’s photo color lab manager to help me print it. My grandfather was a photographer. Before his death in 1996, he was the president of the Association of Photog­raphers, Lagos chapter. I kept on posting photographs with my Nokia phone and somehow Nokia noticed my work because I always tagged it with #NokiaN8 (Laughs).

One day, they did a blog post on one of my portraits with the phone. Nokia N8 as a device broke my boundaries in mobile photography and it raised the bar. At the end of the day, it isn’t just the camera but the person behind the lens that matters more.

Nokia N8

This is a lovely story of how a great cameraphone motivated someone into professional photography. I know firsthand how carrying a great cameraphone around makes you want to snap everything interesting. Ayodeji took his interest beyond recreation and now earns a living from photography, thanks to the Nokia N8.

Go read the full interview on the Sun News website: How my Nokia N8 phone changed my life –Ayodimeji Chukwuma Olugbewesa

Ayodeji is @IamDmayo on Twitter. Do you have a true story of how a mobile device influenced the course of your life or career, or of how it helped you achieve goals? Send your story (if possible with photos) to editor AT mobility DOT ng.

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