Try these launchers to improve performance of your Android smartphone

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If you use a budget Android smartphone or your phone manufacturer has pre-installed a bloated launcher on your smartphone, resulting in sluggish responses when returning to the homescreen, trying out a 3rd party app launcher might just give you better performance. Here are some app launchers that I have found to be fast:

Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher
Smart Launcher is fast and has a unique UI that looks and feels different from the default Android OS user interface. But it is handy and easy to use too.

Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher
solo Launcher is light, fast and elegant. The UI has no significant departure from the default Android OS UI, so it all feels very familiar to Android users.

Zeam Launcher

Zeam Launcher
I am told that Zeam is screaming fast. It is generally acclaimed as the fasted Android launcher. Unfortunately, development work has stopped on Zeam. Chances are that it won’t work well on smartphones running the newest versions of Android OS.

All the above apps are available in Play Store.

Do you know any more performance-oriented Android launcher? Do share!


  1. I use Nova launcher prime, it just works for me, gives me the vanilla Android look, lean and simple.

  2. I have only installed Launchers (in the past) strictly for curiosity sake. Then, after playing with it..usually for like an hour, I uninstall.

    Instead of Launchers, I prefer pseudo_Launchers that allow me do anything… including launch apps and perform any function… while running ANY app… by just swiping from Anywhere.

    Most Conventional Launchers require that you go to the Home Screen first, interrupting your current flow. That’s why I eschew them.

    Some of those Launchers are Sidebar Plus, AntTek Quick Settings (my current) , 1Tap Quickbar, Smart TaskBar 2, Swapps, Glovebox, Slide Launcher, etc.

    They are far lighter on resources, and work well.

    They are all available in the Google Play store… Some free, some not..

  3. I use Smart Launcher. it is the only launcher that looks remotely appealing on my Note 10.1….. and it looks better on a large screen- tab than on mobile phones

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