3 ways to avoid Twitter's #BlueLine

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twitter-bluelineIf you use any of Twitter’s official iOS or Android apps, you’ve probably already noticed the new “blue line” feature.

Basically, once a tweet on your timeline is replied to, the tweet is instantly pushed further up your timeline and the responding tweets are appended to the original by a blue line. So you no longer have to scroll all the way down or click on “view conversation” to follow the related tweets.

As expected, user reception has been poor so far. Just type in #blueline into Twitter search and you’ll find a lot of negative reactions.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with this new update, save for the annoyance that the blue line also extends to conversations by your mutual tweeps. While I find this unnecessary, it’s quite natural. Before the blue line, conversations of mutual tweeps already always found their way to your timeline. I lived with that, I can live with the blue line.

If however, you find that you can’t live with the blue line, here are 3 handy ways you can avoid it:

Don’t use your timeline

There are some days when you find your timeline too “noisy” for your liking. And not all of us use Twitter apps that have the muting feature. Besides, there’s only so much you can mute off your timeline.

One way resourceful tweeps avoid all the noise is to ditch their Twitter Timeline permanently for Twitter Lists. Luckily, the blue line feature does not extend to Twitter Lists. You will be safe over there 🙂

Don’t use official Twitter apps

For now, the blue line update is only available on Twitter’s official iOS and Android apps (and the web). It’s not yet available on Tweetdeck and Twitter for Blackberry but I suspect these official Twitter apps might soon get the update too. So if you really want to avoid the blue line feature, I suggest you stick to 3rd-party twitter clients for now.

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