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Uber has a new logo – as they look to diversify

Uber is re-branding. The taxi service as we know it, is putting hands into other ventures like food and goods delivery, hence, the need for a change of perception. There would also be a change of color patterns, to match with the region where they operate. In a blog post, Uber CEO said the following:


Uber Rider_Icon

In Mexico, we were inspired by Mexican pink and the patterns in the local tiles; in Ireland, from the Georgian architecture and the lush greens; and in Nigeria, from the ankara, which came up again and again because of its bright colors and beautiful geometric patterns.

One of the big changes over the years is that Uber no longer moves just people; we’re now moving food, goods, and soon maybe much more. With the potential for many apps with many app icons, we needed one approach that connected them all. So we came back to our story of bits and atoms. You’ll see that both rider and driver icons have the bit at the center, and then the local colors and patterns in the background. This is a framework that will also make it easy to develop different icons for new products over time.

Uber started out as everyone’s private driver. Today we aspire to make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere and for everyone. Our new brand reflects that reality by working to celebrate the cities that Uber serves. We’re excited to share it with you.

We hope the change would also be reflected on their quality of service. Dying to see what the Nigerian pattern would look like.


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