What is an Android Go phone? Wherever you see the term “Android Go”, you know we are talking about an entry-level Android smartphone. Which is why the Ulefone Note 7 stands out: a triple camera is a novelty in entry-level Android phone circles.

Ulefone Note 7 is an Android Go phone with a triple camera, waterdrop display, 3500mAh battery

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An Android Go phone that sports a big and beautiful display, as well as a triple camera is a novelty. Which is why Ulefone’s Note 7 intrigues.


There are thousands of smartphone models out there and very few of them make an instant impression. I mean, almost all of them are glass/plastic slabs. It takes a little bit of serious value proposition or acting to stand out – and the Ulefone Note 7 manages to do just that.

Ulefone Note 7 Android Go phone with a rear triple camera


For example, think of the Redmi Note 7: an almost indestructible phone. Sure, Hulk or Thor can smash it successfully, but the average person really has to be on a destructive rampage to do it. That is a solid value proposition.


Ulefone Note 7 packs in a rear triple camera, a big 6.1-inch, 19:9 aspect ratio waterdrop display, and a 3500mAh battery in a package that costs $60. That’s about ₦25,000.


And if the official images are anything to go by, it looks quite good too. Caveat: Official images have been known to look better than what items look like for real. If I can get my hands on the Ulefone Note 7, I will let you know how good it looks – and feels.

So, what else does it offer? Well, being an Android Go phone means that it is an entry-level Android phone. Iit runs Android Go Edition – that is the version of Android that is optimised for smooth performance on low-end hardware.


The processor is a Mediatek MT6580 chip, there is 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. One wonders how much of that space the phone’s System and pre-installed apps take up. There is a microSD card slot for cards of up to 64GB capacity.


For Internet connectivity, all you get is 2G and 3G. If 4G broadband is essential to you, the Ulefone Note 7 is not for you. But if 3G works just fine for you, read on.

Ulefone Note 7
An Android Go phone with a triple camera is a novelty

What of the triple camera? The configuration is 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP. It likely won’t take any stunning photographs, but perhaps it can pull off shots that have more details than the average camera phone in its class can. I’d love to take that triple camera for a spin to see if this is all hot air and little substance.


For selfies, you get a 5 MP front-facing camera that is located inside the cute waterdrop notch. I still am not a fan of notches, so ignore that I used the word cute to describe it here.


I would have gone into orgasmic throes should Ulefone had added fast charging to the features on the Note 7. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut. There is only so much you can fit into a sub-$100 smartphone.

There is Face Unlock, but it lacks a fingerprint reader. Again, something has to give. Something always gives in the game of balancing features against price.


Interested in the Ulefone Note 7 Android Go Phone?

At $60, this Android Go phone shouldn’t cost more than ₦25,000 in the market (if on the African continent, do check the Jumia and Konga websites), if you can find it. If you can’t, head over to the likes of AliExpress or GearBest to order your copy.

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  1. I am yet to see this brand with anyone, seems Nigerians hardly trust Ulefone..
    It packs the common expected spec for an entry level smart phone..
    Have also observed how great the pictures of the phone is..
    I want to assume that is just a marketing strategy.

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