UMi Plus 4G Test Results: Good Show

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The UMi Plus is a 4G LTE phablet (see full UMi Plus specifications). It supports the following LTE bands: 20(800), 3(1800), 1(2100), and 7(2600). Have a look at the results for each network we ran a UMi Plus 4G test on below.

UMi Plus 4G test

MTN 4G: UMi Plus 4G test

MTN Nigeria uses the LTE band 7(2600). We expected to have no issues using an MTN 4G SIM in the UMI Plus. Our expectations were met. The phone connected to the MTN 4G network instantly and we were browsing in no time. Whoop!

Smile: UMi Plus 4G test

Smile 4G uses the LTE band 20(800), one that the UMi Plus supports too. It took a little while after inserting our Smile SIM card for the UMi Plus to connect, but it did. Works fine.

Ntel: UMi Plus 4G test

Ntel uses LTE band 3(1800), a band that the UMi Plus supports. Again, it connected instantly and we were browsing in a little while.

Spectranet: UMi Plus 4G test

Spectranet uses the LTE band 40(2300), which the UMi Plus is not listed as supporting. As such, we did not bother with a test..

Glo: UMi Plus 4G test

Glo uses the LTE band 28(700) which the UMi Plus does not support. As such, we didn’t bother with a test.

Etisalat: Umi Plus 4G Test

As at the time of our tests, we did not have 4G provisioned on our Etisalat SIM and so were unable to run a test. But Etisalat 4G runs on LTE band 3(1800) – same as MTN Ntel – so we expect that Etisalat subscribers will have no trouble getting 4G service on the UMi Plus.

Wrap Up

If you want to use the UMi Plus here in Nigeria, you are good to go with MTN, Etisalat, Smile and Ntel. Note also that the UMi Plus does not give the user the option to peg the network to 4G. Only 4G auto mode is available. This means, the phone will cycle through 4G, 3G and 2G networks depending on coverage per time and location.


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