Hands-on and Unboxing review: The Motorola Moto G 2015

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The very first Motorola Moto G was the most successful phone ever sold in the history of Motorola. Since then, attention has been drawn to the Moto G series. That first Moto G was reviewed here on MobilityArena.com and Mr. Mo hailed it as the Almost Perfect Phone. Fast forward to 2015, we have here the 3rd generation model of this Moto G, and here’s our brief first impression and un-boxing review:

Motorola-Moto-G-2015 (4)-horz

The box of this phone is small and very slim. We liked it that way. At first look, you might not even know you’re carrying a phone. Opening up the box, there’s nothing special. The phone lying at the top, below that you see the charger and a few pamphlets. Simple.

Motorola-Moto-G-2015 (7)

If you look closely, there are two grooves on this phone. One at the top and another below – our best guess, these are stereo speakers. We’ll put it to test to find out. There are no buttons on the left side. On the right side, you see the power and volume buttons. On the top lies the 3.5 mm headphone jack while the bottom part carries the micro USB port. At the back, there’s just the camera sensor, and the flash.

Motorola-Moto-G-2015 (3)-horz

The phone itself feels good to hold. Design-wise this phone looks considerably small for a 5-inch phone. The back is rough textured which makes for a good grip. On paper the major highlights of this this phone is water resistance, 13 MP camera and LTE network support. See the full specifications HERE.

Motorola-Moto-G-2015 (1)

Trust us to do justice to this phone, Mobility-style 😉 Expect a full review soonest.


  1. The OG Moto g was the most successful Motorola Smartphone ever, their most successful phone ever still remains the Motorola Razr..

  2. Having owned the OG Moto g,I expect this to be a great performer for the price especially the 2Gb Ram version,Moto sure knows how to make smooth running phones..

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