Is this the upcoming Innjoo A-PLUS Smartphone?

About two weeks ago, Innjoo teased the Innjoo A-PLUS smartphone. You know we have been wondering why Innjoo has been silent for many months now. A video teaser has surfaced on YouTube, showcasing a new smartphone with views from various angles.

Innjoo A-PLUS leak

Details of this phone’s specifications are unknown at the moment, though we can guess it has a 5.5-inch screen and it shares very similar design to previous Innjoo models. The date May 30th was mentioned, and we’re expecting a kind of sales promo on Jumia for this device. We keep our fingers crossed till then. See the 28 second video below:

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  1. Looks like a Nexus 6p. with the camera sensor placement. The speaker placement though, apperently, it does not have front firing stereo speakers like the 6p. it sure is a good looking device. If priced well, Innjoo might actually hit the jackpot with this.

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