Video Download: Over-the-air Update on Nokia 5800

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Dayo and I shot a video today of an attempt to carry out an over-the-air firmware update of the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic phone.

“Over-the-air” (OTA) means that the update is done on the phone itself without a need for a data cable and PC. Of course, in this illustrative video, the phone reports that there are no updates available at the moment. This is not quite true, because we succeeded in updating the 5800 via PC later in the day. Several reports from other mobile websites indicate that this is a common problem with the 5800. We hope Nokia solves it soon.

An OTA update results in a mere 12-15mb download, as against the 124mb download that an update via PC involves (plus the chances of bricking your phone during a PC update).

The video was shot on a Samsung i900 Omnia, and some editing done on PC.

We had to convert the video to 3GP format so it is smaller and as such is less cumbersome and less costly to download by all. At the current size of 1.2mb, even if you are on a pay-as-you-go data plan on MTN, Glo or Zain, the download will cost you not more than N180.00 only. Etisalat data users (browsing at 35 kobo per kb) will however be set back by a whopping N420.00!

Here’s the video: OTA on the 5800

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  1. Having played with video recording on the Samsung Omnia and a couple of other devices in the last few days, one of the surprises of the century is the fact that the Omnia produces comparatively poorer video than one would have expected from a 5mp device.

    The audio reproduction is just… bad – and that was why I kept the Omnia. Anyone interested in buying it off me for about N55, 000 only? Current market price is about N75, 000 to N80,000.

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