Visafone acquires Multilinks to hit 4.2 million subscribers

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For the sum of N8.1 billion, Visafone have become the new owners of the CDMA operations of Multilinks-Telkom. This acquisition brings Visafone’s total active subscriber base to 4.2 million. Multi-links Telkom had in November 2010 announced plans to wind up from the Nigerian telecommunications market in phases.


Although selling their CDMA technology business in Nigeria, Telkom South Africa Limited are keeping their fibre-optic division in anticipation that it would soon blossom with the landing of various submarine cables and internet broadband penetration in the country.


  1. lets wait and see how it goes.. Maybe there will be an increase in the amount of bandwidth. I dont know if any one using the multilinks 3g modem notice the peak download speed bin reduced to abt 30kbps and like 2yrs back one gets peak download speed close to 100kbps.
    Maybe a beta service will be given since visafhone has acquired the company.. Only time will tell

  2. I actually thought Starcomms was going to buy them.

    It amuses me that CDMA operators are having so much issues in Nigeria and GSM operators are booming.

    They need better management to compete with their GSM counter parts.

  3. If Starcomms had done the buying, it may have been what I may have anticipated. Possibly that Visaphone may now lead the CDMA pack.

    They should try to emulate CDMA Networks like Verizon of the US, which is the largest mobile phone network in the US. On the contrary in Nigeria, the GSM companies are leading the pack!

  4. Good move by Visafone.
    CDMA providers really need to work, cos they are like plan B communication right now

  5. CDMA operators should change the way they read minutes, it should start on picking and not when it starts connecting..CDMA operators should make steps to increase their area of coverage until their is a move from state or city coverage. CDMA operators would always remain a niche market shareholders

  6. All I really care about is when will Visafone increase their internet speed. 300kbps? Come on! Plus it seems like Glo is just doing CNN adverts with that their glo1 line and nothing more. I need 1Mbps without having to pay 50k!

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