Celebrating the essence of Mobility blog!

We don’t bash, we review for everyone

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Celebrating the essence of the Mobility blog

Early this morning, a reader by the name Dan submitted a comment that included a statement that encapsulates my vision for the Mobility blog. Here is the statement in question:

This is a great website. You don’t bash, you just review for everyone. Thanks.

Year after year, despite the popular trend of bashing phones, brands, and platforms in the mobile space, I have insisted that this blog will not join that bandwagon.

Rather, it has been my objective to see that facts and figures are presented. Fanboyism is something that I don’t tolerate among our staff, and no rabid fanboy piece gets published. I always exercise my right as head honcho here to trash any fanboy articles sent in for publication.

I am a man of strong convictions, so I run a tight ship – and have no apologies for this. This world has been moulded only by men who dare to take a firm position, and not by those who dance to the blowing of every wind.

With regards mobility, here are principles that I stand by:

  1. Every phone, every brand, and every mobile OS have their strengths and weaknesses. No platform is perfect.
  2. There is no best phone or OS out there in the blanket sense. “Best” is relative to each individual’s needs and personal preferences.

I expect our team members and writers to abide by the above guidelines in their writings and presentations. This way, we are able to present useful information for all and sundry.

That way, users of all platforms and all types of mobiles immediately feel comfortable on the Mobility blog. We have everyone covered.

Commenters are free to be as rabid as they choose, but what we publish must be factual. That is my position.

Of course, each writer, myself inclusive, has personal preferences which show through in our writings, but even those preferences must be built on facts and information, not rabid Fanboyism.

To reiterate: We review and publish information for everyone here: Symbian, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and any others that our resources enable us to lay our hands on.

Thank you, Dan, for that precious comment, and thank you for reminding me of what makes the Mobility blog unique in a world so full of hype.

In the meantime, anybody wants to celebrate…. one leg up!


  1. Platform / device agnostic ??.

    ? noun SCEPTIC, doubter, doubting Thomas; unbeliever, disbeliever, non-believer; rationalist; rare nullifidian.
    —OPPOSITES believer,

    readiness to worship all or a large number of PHONES / DEVICES..

    I suggest the MOTTO be changed to ‘platform/device PANTHEIST’..;-)

  2. I might be causing some rupples here but correct me if am wrong. I believe yomi is a die hard nokia fan. Hence he uses two nokia phones. Its okay yomi no one can be totally unbiased due to the fact that we are all humans. Good work.

  3. ‘Mr eyebeekay how many times will u post that? Or i guess its UC BROWSER atit again?’

    @Shaymasn, it is GLO ooo.
    Uc Mobile dey kampe!

    Mr Mobility, what happened to the WordPress ‘duplicate comment remover’?. Abi that plugin is also on holidays ni?

  4. Of course, each writer, myself inclusive, has personal preferences which show through in our writings, but even those preferences must be built on facts and information, not rabid Fanboyism.

    I guess that paragraph said it all. No one is actually unbiased and everyone including Yomi can go all out to prove that one platform is superior or inferior to others and even doing a little bit of covering up for their darling platform sometimes as well. It is not entirely wrong, especially when meaning to catch some fun alongside.

  5. True words there Harry. Echemco.
    Will go further to say your perception is toot reality.

    Nothing is wrong. Nothing is right!

    There are no facts. Just opinions.

    No blacks- no whites – just shades of grey…

    No amount of the logic of Socrates / Aristotle will convince anyone of what he does (not) want to (dis) believe.

    A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still..

    Just say it as you see it. People will mesh with portions that align with their perception.
    They will throw the rest in the trash can – fact or no fact!

  6. Mark, I didn’t pay a kobo for both of those Nokia smartphones. They were gifts from Nokia.

    I didn’t pay a dime for the BlackBerry that I carry around either; it was a gift from RIM too.

    Those three mobiles meet my needs better than any others that I have currently.

    I also own a Samsung Galaxy 5, iPhone 3GS, iPad2 (I am typing this comment on the iPad2) and a Motorola EX115 dual SIM phone, all of which I spent my hard-earned cash to purchase.

    You are wrong. You have been corrected 🙂

  7. Eye.Bee.Kay,

    Thanks, and kudos to our iOS man for being objective enough to write about the iOS battery issues. But can you imagine how much flame I would have got if i had written an article titled, Why can’t Apple get iPhone’s design right?

    As I have repeated severally, there is much more to mobile design than a fancy user interface. Of course, people are free to choose what they prefer. However, when apologists go all out to trash some other products that are more resource efficient, more functional, and that have mastered the basics, its just sad.

    Since upgrading my iPad to iOS5, apps shut down at random while I am in the middle of work. Its the most unstable mobile device that I have ever used so far.

    Siri’s servers which failed recently for over 5 hours, proves again (as some of us already know) that nothing and no-one is fail-safe. Whether its BlackBerry, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Mobility blog, or Apple, nothing is fail-safe.

    Also, this nugget from the BetaNews writer is priceless:

    Compare to vendors like HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung or Sony, which have produced consumer electronics products — cellular handsets among them — for much longer than Apple. Motorola invented the cell phone in 1973 and Nokia the smartphone in 1996. These companies have deep device-engineering cultures. It’s part of their DNA.

    Does this mean that the iPhone/iPad/iOS is terrible? No; I am only pointing out that like the other products that Apple fanboys bash everyday, it/they are just as flawed, and more so in the things that really matter at the end of the day. I still love my iPad and use it everyday. But Apple and their fanboys need to spare us. ‘Nuff said.

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