Hello my beloved Mobilistas!! It is another lovely weekend, a time we set aside to just rant. This time around, we are looking at the

Weekend Rants: Will we ever be free from this issue of privacy?

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Hello my beloved Mobilistas!! It is another lovely weekend, a time we set aside to just rant. This time around, we are looking at the issue of privacy and the fact that internet companies cling unto us like leeches. This is irrespective of whether we approve of it or not. Should this be so? Read, share and tell us your opinion. It is another town hall meeting !! 😆


I woke Friday, did my regular morning rituals, next up I tried to put on my laptop. It got stuck at the Welcome page. This was a new one. “What could’ve caused this?” I asked myself. As a techie, I booted to safe mode, looked around and found nothing. I then tried to do a System Restore, lo and behold I saw something that marveled me. See screen shot below:


Notice that “Critical update”. Who authorized those critical updates? Last time I checked, I disabled all forms of updates on my laptop (See screenshot above). Does it mean that someone out there is controlling my device without my knowledge? 🙄 The more annoying part is how the needless update left my system in a state of paralysis.

It appears that even after disabling all forms of updates, your computer still updates itself. My question is why does it have to be so? Can’t a simple man like me use his device in peace? This issue raises many questions and concerns.

Had it been I were not tech savvy, I would be running helter skelter looking for who to fix this laptop. I’ll probably end up spending thousands of naira just to fix a problem, caused by a useless critical update I never asked for. We’ve heard many stories of tech companies harvesting and uploading user data to various places using personal data to push tailored ads to users.

Just after the release of Windows 10, there was no option for disabling updates. Users had to complain until the option was restored. I won’t be surprised if after further background checks, you might still see your Windows 10 computer updating itself. Yes, we’re that hooked 😆

Don’t you think we’re too hooked to these tech companies? Can’t I just buy something, collect receipt, and go my way? Will we ever be free from this bondage? Your thoughts.


  1. You already use an Android Phone there is nothing Microsoft wants from you that Google doesn’t already have.

    If you don’t want to update your PC Bcos it might break some drivers, accepted but not updating Bcos you think its some sort of plant from Microsoft to spy on you, well Windows is now a service that will be updated regularly no more waiting for 3years for Windows 11.

    And you don’t own Windows the software that’s running on your Laptop as soon as you updated to Windows 10 its a lease.

    The new Google play services once you click yes to sign into that service it will sign you into every Google app I usually sign one after the other.

    The only way out is to not use their services at all.

  2. To only way to get full privacy is to write physical letters instead of email and use a Nokia 3310.

  3. Once you are logged into the Internet you’re basically kissing most forms of privacy goodbye,it’s the price we have to pay for access to these whole lot of information and resources,it ain’t ideal but that’s the reality of it..

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