The weekend is upon us again, another time for us to pick an erring part in mobile and do some sort of justice to it.

Weekend Rants: Will there ever be an Android device that outsells the iPhone?

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The weekend is upon us again, another time for us to pick an erring part in mobile and do some sort of justice to it. Today’s article was inspired by a thread I bumped into while foraging the internet, and we look at the topic, “Will there ever be an Android device that outsells the iPhone?”


Few days ago, Apple launched two new devices, The Apple iPhone 6s and the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Months from now, we’ll begin to hear news of these iPhones selling millions of units worldwide, and Apple making so-so millions of dollars in profit. This is good, after all every business is hinged on it’s ability to make quantum profits.

It’s funny. People go in droves to buy this phone. Some will stand in endless queues, some will sell their kidneys, some steal their parents money, or lose their virginity just to get the new iPhone (no offence please).

Looking at the competition, the story is different. Android OEM’s like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG are all reporting losses, sacking staff, cutting cuts and changing strategy all in the name of survival. Why is this so? Personally, I’m not jealous, but it’s unfair the Android guys are burning themselves at the foot, while Apple is going away with the profits. (I’m not implying that Apple don’t work hard too).

Believe it or not, Like it or not, Apple makes more money from phones than a combined rest of other phone manufacturers. Can we clamor for change Buhari-style? Now we may ask:

How did it get to this?
With the yearly success of iPhones, manufacturers looked to specs to change things. They started making faster processors, bigger displays, higher RAMs etc. Each one trying to outdo each other with better specs. Where has this led them? It should be clear by now, you don’t beat Apple with mere specs.

A second issue is the problem of choices. On the Android platform too many variants creates lots of confusion for the ordinary man. I’ve said this earlier, in business,

“The more options presented to a customer (at point of purchase), the less likely he/she is to make a choice”

Apple on the other hand leave you with little or no choice. You either buy the iPhone or you don’t. Apple appeals to the ordinary man, starting from it’s hardware, software, and to it’s services. Let’s be honest to ourselves, people don’t really care about specs, all the ordinary man wants it’s something that just works.

Now over to you, from what we’ve said so far, will there ever be an Android device that outsells the iPhone? What will it take an Android flagship to outsell the iPhone? Your thoughts.

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  1. No android device will outsell the iPhone simply because they are then only OEM manufacturing iOS devices. if Apple licenses iOS to other OEM’s then surely the tables will be turned.

    on the other hand, hypothetically if samsung bought every other android OEM, and released a galaxy midrange device it will outsell both versions of iPhone.

  2. You hit the nail on the head with this: “Let’s be honest to ourselves, people don’t really care about specs, all the ordinary man wants it’s something that just works.”

    I read this article recently, and this comment nailed it: “Wood likens Apple’s popularity to what he calls “Nokia myopia”. He said: “In the 1990s people would walk into the phone shop and ask for a Nokia because it fitted into their lives, they knew what they were getting. That’s kind of what Apple has achieved.””

    The issue of iOS being the only OEM on the iPhone isn’t really the issue. BlackBerry has been the same but the fortunes for both companies has been very different. The thing is that Apple from the outset figured out what the customer would like, and I’ve heard it repeated so many times by iPhone users – it isn’t complicated, and it does what I want. Pocketnow asked a question on Twitter about the operating system followers had on their phone and tablet – interesting enough, many used a combination rather than the same operating system for their phones and tablets (popular was Android phones and iPads)

    Regardless of people’s fixation with iOS restrictions, many Apple users simply don’t see it as a problem, not even the often poor battery life that plagues iPhones. Forget apps and RAM and camera; It does what what people want, it’s one of the simplest operating systems to use.

    I’ve always said this; it’s about the customer, not the manufacturer. We determine whether they sink or swim and Apple is maintaining and even growing its customer base and succeeded where other manufacturers struggle.

  3. simply put, Android offers too many choices. Android devices sell more than iPhones, but there’s no one phone with a dominant share, used to be the Samsung S series but even those didn’t move iPhone numbers. the total annual sales in the Android premium tier (iPhone’s competition) is less than iPhone. Android’s numbers are in the budget & midrange tiers, the profit is in the premium tier and Apple rules the premium tier, that’s why Apple has almost all the profits. Even if a single Android device outsells either or both iPhones it won’t be a premium/flagship device, so it won’t change the profit pie chart much

  4. Apple being a typical monopoly will always accumulate excess profit in the long run,ECO 101,being the only choice for iOS consumers have no choice than to pay Apple’s asking price and with Apple’s strict lock down of their ecosystem,once you’re invested into Apple’s world moving unto another platform becomes nigh on impossible,a very sweet setup they have there if you ask me..

  5. But they do have a choice: they can get a device from another operating system, or hang on to their device for as long as they like until something comes out that tickles their fancy. And that is exactly what consumers do. You’ll be surprised that, with the number of iPhone 6’s out there, there are even more iPhone 4’s, 4S’s and 5’s still being used.

    Not everyone upgrades to the newest and latest iPhone. The big advantage iOS has over Android is that the newest update to the operating system works across devices with very few exceptions. Most iPhone 4 users didn’t have to get a new device to upgrade to iOS8 – and that is one of the big advantages over Android.

    The fact that Apple are making in-roads in the Chinese market, known for the dominance of home-grown Android brands, says a lot.

  6. If the number of OEMs were to drastically reduce and someone should bring up a premium device, maybe, just maybe an android device may outsell apple.

  7. I remember there was a time samsung galaxy S series would compete directly with apple iphone. It was a close call. Then samsung happened…releasing multiple flagships and confusing customers. I think they shot themselves in the foot with this strategy. The other OEMs that joined the bandwagon didn’t help matters either.

    So yes, android sells more than IOS devices combines, but no one manufacturer sells more than apple.

    It might be worthy to note that as android sells more than IOS combined, the profits of android doesn’t come close to that of IOS. Google is raking the money through services, OEMs through hardware. IOS through hardware and software combined. C’mon…why wont android OEMs sack staff???

  8. @OlamideMB,it’s also notable that many people – including iPhone users – actually believe that Samsung IS Android. When you mention an Android phone people will automatically as if it’s a Samsung.

    You’re right, any money made from Android and phones is shared between many sources, whereas everything Apple is channelled in one direction.

  9. Ah but they won’t – everyone wants a piece of the Android pie. Trust me if it was possible to do the same with iOS most of those companies would jump ship.

    Hopefully Microsoft will learn from the Android experience.

  10. As in… simple truth. As it is, only microsoft can get close. If they can twist the mobile ecosystem and produce a very fantastic device and robust marketing strategy, maybe with a newer OS or not. But its also a big IF anyway. Cos I hear microsoft has some very cool devices floating around, yet for some reasons, they are not selling as much as they should.

  11. True that though. Many people believed android is samsung and vice versa. But I think that era has passed. That was the era galaxy series competed with iphones closely. Now, consumers are aware of various android choices.

  12. Like others have said, one of Xiaomi’s problems could be that they’re likely to find themselves being sued in parts of Europe and North America for copyright infringement. As it is, they’re playing it safe in China and emerging markets.

  13. As a recent PocketNow article said, Microsoft should focus on flagship, high spec’d devices, and leave it to the OEMs to produce the mid-low range devices.

    They CAN get it right, my only problem is Microsoft – like Apple – tends to have a American-centric way of thinking, totally ignoring the bigger picture outside of the West for potential users in other parts of the world. This is where the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi etc win big.

  14. As long as they have the United States by the balls, no Android phone will have a chance unless it can invoke a time travel portal.

    Seriously, a lot of people in the US only use Apple devices (mac, phones, tv, etc)

  15. Even if they didnt have the copyright issues to deal with, I seriously doubt any xiaomi phone would outsell the iphone.

    The market is really saturated right now and frankly, apple, ios and iphone has been consistent over the years. They didnt attain this height within a year, you know?

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