We’ll be back in style; there’s no need to rush, says Nokia CEO

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“Nokia will be back”. You’ve probably heard that phrase a thousand times or more. Even before now, rumors and leaks were all over, and Nokia themselves have confirmed they will make smart phones again. This time though, it is with a different perspective.

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Ever since the buyout and release from Microsoft, the company has evolved from a consumer serving brand to a business serving one. The problem is that people wrongly mistake them for the former.

As reported by Recode, in an interview with interim CEO, Rajeev Suri, he confirmed Nokia is working on something, but they are in no rush. These were his words:

“We almost owe it to ourselves to go experiment in the consumer area,”

“We don’t want to just put logos on somebody’s devices,”

“It needs to feel like Nokia, what Nokia was known for.”

“We’re not in a hurry,”.

“There doesn’t need to be a rush.”

It appears the company is yet to find an ideal partner to help with manufacturing and distribution. So we shouldn’t expect anything so soon.

“We are still working on the strategy,”

“We are not commiting to anything this year,” he added.

While we patiently wait, we hope that the rushing wave of mobile technology doesn’t pass them by.

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  1. Of course waves of technology are passing by while they decide.

    I’m not bothered so much by the device they may eventually release as much as I am about the potential pricing against the competition. I wholly agree with the CEO that it shouldn’t be the Nokia brand slapped on any manufacturers phone but should feel like a Nokia. I’ve had a few different feels of Nokias over the years so this should be one to watch.

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