Back in December last year, Nokia announced the N97 as its upcoming flagship and dubbed it “world’s most advanced mobile computer”. The N97 looked the

What Do You Think of the Nokia N97?

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n97Back in December last year, Nokia announced the N97 as its upcoming flagship and dubbed it “world’s most advanced mobile computer”. The N97 looked the part then, but now that the device is out, does it really qualify as the world’s most advanced mobile computer?

Several reviews of this device have been on the internet for some time now, and it has been a mixed bag of opinions. The 97 is also available in Nigeria already (shameless advertising: call 08084391076 to order your unit from our parent company, Alireta).

The question is: what do you think so far of the N97? Impressed? Underwhelmed? Indifferent? Not-so-big-a-deal-anymore? Tell us!


  1. Wait. . the n97 is already here ! There hasn’t been an official Nokia NiG launch. So i’m guessing its an overseas import. What’s the price tag by the way ?

  2. That’s a very steep price tag from the regular. Hopefully it drops when its officially launched here. When are you going to review it Yomi ?

  3. I saw a video demonstrating its features somewhere on the BBC website & it appears cool albeit with some limitations. I dont think it would qualify as the world’s most advanced mobile computer. Nokia seems to be retrogressing (or at the very least resting on its oars!). I expect much more from our mobile phone giant!

  4. Yomi,

    Sincerely,the release of nokia N97 was so underwhelming. I dont know if it was due to bad timing of the release.But however,the phone is a great phone but with the pre/releases of other phones like Palm-Pre ,Iphone3G s, S.E satio ,xperia x1,Acer F2 etc it will be difficult for anybody to acclaim N97 as world most advanced computer.Because for it to be worlds best it must have some revolutional advancements that distinguishes it from any other phone in terms of both its Hardware and software.

    Though, mobile phone rating depends on individual interest and satisfaction.So hence it is now in nigeria lets wait and hear the user comment of the NAIJAS.

  5. soul, the AAS article you linked to seems to to have been written by Ewan Spence, and not Steve Litchfield.

    Oh yes; the article is spot on, too.

  6. Infact,one thing about nokia is that it has a larger community who strongly believed in it.In nigeria here, more than 80% mobile handset used are nokia made.Infact,even those ‘cloned’ by the Chinese were bought just because they had nokia writen on them .On the web some users are praising it while others rebuked it because of some early bugs.But trust nokia, they already released latest firmware upgrade to fix all that and surely more shall keep on coming.Right now, some of my guys are ready to trade their old phones for the N97 but does not have the idea of how much of nigerian naira it will cost.Yomi ,Pls kindly help us with the idea of the price.

  7. @Yomi,
    Oops,didn’t see that.,thanks.

    It costs 120k at alireta,but it should be cheaper in Nigeria when it launches.
    At this point its not really the hardware that’s important – as most nigerians are hyped about – but the strong software and local developer community support. *That* ,we don’t have in nigeria. If we did – the Finns would be out of business 🙂

  8. Soul,
    I think the best thing to do is to wait for the official nigeria N97 launch.NO doubt, the device is great but,this pre-launch price is Jaw breaking.

  9. Abubakar,

    Waiting for the official launch price is like waiting for the holocaust. By default, picking a device from the official Nokia store at VI costs much more than picking it up from the open market. As such, when the N97 gets to Nokia Nigeria, expect it to cost more than that.

    The initial cost of the N97 is not unexpected. Don’t forget that it is a flagship device. Similar flagship devices have been priced in the same range (sometimes more) as this e.g. the Nokia N95, N96 and E90; Sony Ericsson Xperia X1; HTC Touch HD and Touch Pro; and Blackberry Bold and Storm.

    Of course, if you do wait a few months, the general market price will drop to between N80, 000 and N90, 000. The E90 cost almost N150, 000 when it first arrived here, but can be purchased for about N90, 000 now.

  10. Well Yomi,i think we have to wait for the BIGGER BOYS to finish their shopping first,may be in few months it shall be less b4 it reaches Abuja or Niger our own part of the country.However,we shall still be waiting for your own unboxing and review of nokia N97.Thank and God bless.

  11. Abubakar,

    Unless a miracle happens, I won’t be unboxing and reviewing an N97 o. For one, I am not a ‘bigger boy’. Two, I am not particularly a fan of the N97, so even if I get N120,000 to splash on a phone now, I’ll be looking in a different direction – HTC Touch Pro2 or Samsung Omnia Pro. Those devices appeal to me more, really.

    but then, who knows what tomorrow will bring?


  12. I agree somewhat with Yomi. But it still revolves round my previous post: New devices like the N97, with its hefty price tag, will (always) come and go/fade out of the media-light.
    Hardware is less important in this respect – if there are no useful/versatile software/apps to go with it, it becomes quite useless and is more of a toy.
    That said, the iphone and the android platforms have clearly proven this, almost to a fault. Nokia and Nokia Nigeria, should be working on creating and building a community that goes ‘beyond the hardware’ (and the periodic hypes that accompany it), this creative road/path should include encouraging the growth of a strong mobile developer community of nigerians.
    They don’t have to be all professionals, they (Nokia) should reach out to students in schools and Universities, even hobbyists: Build a application framework tailored towards the Nigerian environment. I’m aware a some mobile development programs are held in LASU. Also, Nokia Life Tools will soon be coming to Nigeria. – but this is just not enough. Obviously Nokia Nigeria will give excuses like that they don’t have enough resources or something else.- The above idea will probably never work,.if Nokia NiG is still incessant on just phone sales,marketing and advertising.

    It’s a shame, when even the common Nokia services available elsewhere in the world are non-existent here in Nigeria.
    In many cases we may not even need to write a single code. – No need for any technology tinkering.
    Because, when all hardware is removed.. it will boil down to the applications and software. – *that* is what makes a smartphone, “smart”. Being able to adapt the mobile device, (via apps,software, hardware capabilities,etc) , to the immediate environment – to bring about unusual results.
    Only God knows when the much acclaimed Nokia Maps will be available for Nigeria. Even despite the billboards, around town displaying the Nok-map banner, it still feels like a distant memory.
    All the hardware weakpoints of the Iphone,Nokia fans frequently use to compare it to Nokia devices and criticize it, aren’t really that relevant – :rolf :- when you think about it more – because if Apple *wanted to* , they could fix all of those problems and present a ‘complete’ iphone to the world – Nokia fans will then run out of steam of what to crticize. But even then, the Apple Store (50,000+ apps) would still be running big circles round the Ovi Store( 1000+). The things and real-world applications the iphone has been used for/in, over the past months, is just astonishing.

    – I’m even having doubts when the N97 will really launch in Nigeria. The silly (ironic) thing is, many of the supposed “bigger boys and girls” who will eventually buy the phone when it comes – don’t even *understand* it or how to use it beyond the usual phone calls,texts,music player camera,web browsing. Its a shame if they feel comfortable with those things only to throw away N120,000+ to do *just* those aforementioned things. I’d rather stick with a mid-tier phone FP2 or a simple S60v 5 phone instead and wait for something from Nokia, 🙄 that is *really* innovative. – there’s nothing in the N97 that’ll make me want to willingly throw 120Grand away.. though i would accept it;if given for free 🙂
    Maybe Nokia will send Yomi a free N97 😆

  13. Men dat was wonderful can u see dat machine. I never thought of something like dis but dis one is something else i tell u, talk about d price it worth $565 can u beat dat. Lets wait and see wats next.

  14. Very much a let down!
    It does not come with any decent apps or games, and there are none available yet.
    The stuff it does come with either doesn’t work, or you have to pay for it.
    It crashes and lets you down just like all nokia’s do (and im a nokia fan!)
    It may have more features than the iphone, but the applications available for the iphone are vast and amazing, nokia cannot compete.
    I hope someone writes some good apps and games for it as i am now stuck with it for 18 months!!

  15. All i can say is..the N97 is all in 1 n def a bomb..talking bout big boiz n girls..leave them it your money???

  16. Did I hear someone say Iphone has more apps than the Nokia N97? Men, u r deformed. Look further more. Nokia phones accepts simplest Programs u run on Java, they can be fully manipulated to any length. God you need to see my N97. It’s no longer a phone, I think it’s more than a computer now after I installed some programs on it I did myself. My phone can actually scan finger prints of people while you are touching it’s screen to know it’s owner, it could also react to ur handling if u are tough on it and lots more functions I made my phone do. That”s Nokia and programming for you. For me, it’s either nokia or never a phone.

  17. well its really spectacular…i just got it now as a gift from my boyfriend..Am so in lov e with it..Its the best mobile for now as far as am concerned..All you folks out there should please get one

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