Do you remember phones from Sagem Wireless? Sagem phones were known for pocket-friendly prices. What happened to them? Read on to find out. Advertisement The


What happened to Sagem Phones?

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Do you remember phones from Sagem Wireless? Sagem phones were known for pocket-friendly prices. What happened to them? Read on to find out.


The above image shows what the Sagem MC 3000 and MW3020 looked like. They were identical twins and were perhaps the most popular Sagem phones in these parts back then.

Sagem Phones


They were also the earliest set of Sagem models in the Nigerian market at the launch of GSM mobile technology in 2001. They were very basic phones, but were also durable.

These models just didn’t appeal to me and I never could bring myself to purchase one. The design made them look like something that a rhino ran over.


I have owned only one Sagem model, the sleek MY X-5m pictured below:
Sagem Phone

Launched in 2002, the MY X-5 was a novelty of sorts, featuring a 256 pixel colour display, polyphonic ringtones, WAP 1.2.1 and if I remember well was one of the early GPRS models. It was love at first sight for me, and I snapped one up at the earliest opportunity.

Here Is What happened To Sagem Phones

Sagem Wireless, the company behind those Sagem phones, was a French entity. The company eventually went bankrupt and was bought over and rebranded as MobiWire SAS in 2011. MobiWire is a white label manufacturer. In English, that means that they produce phones for some of the brands that you know, same way HTC used to produce phones for others (including i_mate) back in the day.


Beyond that, MobiWire, TECNO and Carlware make up a conglomerate mobile brand called Infinix. The Infinix brand produces and sells self-branded android smartphones, including the Infinix Buzz (2.6-inch display plus QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry-style form), Infinix Race (4-inch slab), and Infinix surf Smart (3.5-inch slab)

Infinix Buzz

Sagem phones were known for pocket-friendly prices. Infinix continues that tradition. The above-pictured Buzz, for example has a 1GHz processor, 512Mb RAM, 512MB internal storage, 5 megapixel camera, microSD slot, runs Android 4.0 ICS, and is a Dual SIM device. Cost? About N16,000 (USD100) only.


And just so you know, Inifinix mobile devices are available from stores here in Nigeria. Yes; the spirit of Sagem lives on.

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  2. Yeah I do. I rocked the MY X-5 and MY X-7. Awesome phones (back then) especially with the web browser. 😀

  3. Maybe we should also ask what happened to Sendo too. Sendo sha copied Nokia, similar hardware and I think they were licensed to use symbian too.

  4. Sagem phones do have very powerful speaker. I remembered our compliance officer had one, being an early adapter. While we rely on office NITEL landlines to receive our calls then. The BCO will just be galivating araoud with a very loud speaker phone.

  5. Cant forget Sagem,

    I personally used MW3040 with the blue screen, My X-1, and MYX6.
    I also used MYS7 (Windows)briefly. I really loved the MYX6, bought it in 2004 and sold it in 2005 ending in Niger State when I went for service. I tried buying MYX7 and MYX8. MYX8 was awesome in those days. But I later moved to Nokia.

    I really missed Sagem. Inifinix, have not seen anybody using that.

  6. @ Second poster, sendo was acquired by Motorola which thereafter absorbed it’s brand. The Infinix phones are creating quite a buzz lately

  7. How can can this Sagem company be brought back into Nigerian market? there phones were nice, strong and durable….
    If they come back with android devices…. it won’t take them time to break through… because Nigerians already know about the company and their devices…..i would want to work with them to strategize and market the product,it will outshine tecno, infinix ,oppsson ,itel etc already in market i used the phone back then, i loved it, 08102218411

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