What is cooking between Mister Mobility and Mister Bankole?

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This morning, Misters Mobility (of Mobility Blog) and Bankole (of TechCabal) spent time hanging out. The two tech swashbucklers seem to have something up their sleeves. No-one knows for sure.

Top marks to anyone who can crack the code and tell us what it could be that brought them together.

  1. Never good at the guessing game.

    By the way, what’s the name of that hairdo on Lbanks? I should try it out some time…

  2. @Eye_Bee_Kay Funky hairdo yeah. Short dreadlocks
    @Anonymous: Doubt its a start-up. From my following of Techcabal, they don’t even like the startup “concept”

    @Oga Mo: No idea, I suck at guessing but any collabo with TC should be…..interesting

  3. Naturally one has hair and the other has a shiny head. What do they have in common apart from tech? Open-neck shirts 😀

    All I know is that hairdo on Bankole’s head is high maintenance.

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