I often run into one video or the other on YouTube that I want to watch again and again at my convenience. At such times,

What YouTube Video Downloader Do You USe On Your Smartphone?

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I often run into one video or the other on YouTube that I want to watch again and again at my convenience. At such times, a YouTube video downloader comes in very handy. A YouTube video downloader is self explanatory. It lets you download a video from YouTube to your device for offline access.

On the Nokia 808 PureView, I have two functional YouTube video downloaders – YouTube Downloader and FastTube. Both of them are quite capable and there really is no need for me to have both installed. I have the two on my phone for comparison purposes only.

I am aware that Google has been fighting a battle to shut down YouTube video download services, but I am totally against this drive. As far as I am concerned, Google wants to take away my freedom.

So far, I haven’t run into a YouTube video downloader on Android or Windows Phone. I doubt that Google will let such an app go live in Play Store. I have no idea if such an app exists on BlackBerry or iOS. If I were to switch from Symbian today, I am guessing that I would sorley miss t5hese apps, as I am not sure of alternatives on other platforms.

Please, do share. If you own a smartphone, do you use a YouTube video downloader on it? If yes, please give names. Gracias!


  1. Mr Mo you once recommended clipconverter.cc dunno whether I could call that an app but it works fine for me across all my devices.

  2. @nelsonisibor,

    Nah! That’s a web service. Doesn’t count in this case. Also, the last time I tried ClipConverter, Google had harrassed them into not supporting YouTube downloads any longer.

  3. hi mister mo’.i really enjoy visiting your site(one of the few i visit everyday!try using tubemate.its really good.you wont get it on playstore though.try googling it.cheers

  4. I use FastTube on Nokia 808 too, its awesome

    I get Fav, Subscriptions, playlist amd my videos.
    One other thing i like is that once i enter subscriptions I can see my new videos and all my subs and i can view and download from each subs.

    I would have loved to be able to set it to auto download uploads for pre selected subscriptions. I currently ask google to send me email once my selected subs upload

    Has anybody seen an app on any platform that can do this.

  5. MediaBurner is an app on iOS. It’s for YouTube download and it works. It is available in the Apple Store. How good it is however, is another matter entirely.

  6. I use fast tube on my nokia 603. It gives me the choice of picking between 360p and 720p. A fantastic app. Belle rocks!!!

  7. I use side loaded tubemate for playbook. Clock an average of 20g monthly with my etisalat blackberry subscription.

  8. I use tubemate for android. I actually learnt about it from Olalere on this site. I use yourtube downloader pro from Nokia store on my N8

  9. using yourtube pro by Oleg on n8, it’s such a nice experience which gives me option to download from 144p to HD clip

  10. I use Tubemate for Android. its not available in the Google Play Store.
    Its sharp and gives you various options of music file types to adopt during download.

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