What’s your experience with the new MTN data plans?

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

In recent weeks, MTN launched a host of new data plans in a bid to restore her lost customers. We saw an increase in data allocation, then a very cheap midnight browsing plan. The final blow was the revamped cheaper 30 night data plan (This has been scrapped). The new packages are so juicy and mouth watering, such that everyone is tempted to try them out – me included.

These drastic moves from MTN have also caused panicked replies from GLO, Airtel, and Etisalat. But our focus here is MTN, because of the nature and tenacity of their campaign.

Some users have complained of double data charging, while some others grumbled about throttling after reaching a certain data limit (this was specifically from users of the night plan). On the flip side, people have hailed glorious praises on the new affordable plans, even going along to testify of greatly improved speeds.

We know this can be location dependent, but have you tried any of these new plans? What has been your experience so far?


  1. For me its been nice cos truly mtn is faster even during d day esp while downloading. But d 25 naira night plan is d problem, sometimes twill jes stop going and that will b all for browsing that night, still tryna detect d precipitant ?

  2. 5 days into my subscription and with 2.3gb data balance (to expire in August- roll overs), mtn decided to wipe it clean. Called their customer service, clueless as to providing a solution. Nagged on Twitter. Nagged some more on whatsapp. Nothing.

    Took sim out for 3 days. Returned sim on 3rd day, 2.1gb had bn restored to expire same day (sighs). I call Cc to nag about missing 200mb+, rep tells me all the system sees on my line is 30mb (schocker!!).

    If they keep playing with me, I will stick the sim into a secondary device for receiving phone calls only as I won’t ew subscribe for a plan I’m not guaranteed to see the following day. I can’t comman go and kill myself for mtn.

  3. My data disappeared. I called 180 and sent tweats to MTN180 but no show for me. MTN didn’t restore my data bundle. Now I just use d sim for calls and SMS. Gaskiya,shikena for EmpTy Head!!!

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