When 3G internet becomes faster than 4G

In recent times, it seems that the giant in the mobile internet room in Nigeria has finally woken up from a slumber imposed on it by an evil witch who lives in a dark forest. MTN has not only introduced more value data plans, but seems to have improved their capacity as well. MTN internet connection has become something else. Actually, MTN’s 3G internet is matching and beating 4G providers in speed.

Here is an example of the kind of speed test results that MTN Nigeria is delivering now:

mtnnigeria 3G internet speedtest

This was the kind of speed that I was getting on Smile 4G a year ago. While Smile is still fast, it has dropped a bit and now a 3G network offers better internet speeds. Many Spectranet and Swift subscribers too will testify that 18.9 Mbps is above the average that they get on those 4G LTE services.

When 3G internet leaves 4G in the dust

When 3G internet becomes faster than 4G, what do we need 4G for? When 3G internet with wider coverage delivers faster speeds than 4G networks, what then is the benefit of 4G? When 3G internet becomes faster than a 4G network and at very affordable rates too, shall the people not dump their 4G gadgets and embrace 3G?

In the last few days, my Smile SIM has been largely redundant. I get better speeds on MTN 3G internet right now, and it costs less. Our 4G networks need to do better. Much better, actually. It is time to deliver speeds that will separate them from 3G networks. The consequences of not doing so are easy to see.

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