Where are HP and WebOS Smartphones?

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HP acquired Palm and the WebOS mobile platform. HP has since released a couple of smartphones running WebOS. HP have official presence in Nigeria.

hp veer ofic

When are HP going to send us some WebOS love in these parts? Or are they going to repeat the same mistake that Palm made in limiting the distribution of those devices?


  1. It amuses me that HP is not using their Laptop Marketing network for the phones.

    And these phones aint bad at all.

  2. na waoooo… Nigerians will always be talking about others bringing good things in without caring to know if it favors the conpany or not.
    I want you guys to know that this guys are business gurus and will be in Nigeria when the time is ripe for them, till then… relax or get it mailed to you.

  3. Douglas,

    What’s stopping HP from introducing those devices to the Nigerian market?

    1. HP is on ground already
    2. HP has active distribution channels already – same channels used to ship in their laptops and desktops
    3. What extra significant costs will HP incur in bringing those devices in?
    4. What else could be more favourable to the company than to strike while the iron is hot in Africa’s hottest mobile market?

    How will testing the waters with a shipment of WebOS devices not favour the company?

  4. I wish I had answers but I don’t, hence I can only assume the mobile arm has more inportant things to tackle before throwing phones around. We all know that apps is part of what determines the success of a smartphone, are they any 3rd party app for that thing? bro, who no go no know.

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