Most of us here, if not all of us use smartphones. The major use of a smartphone is to browse the internet and have access

Which is your favorite mobile browser and why?

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Opera-UC Browser-Chrome

Most of us here, if not all of us use smartphones. The major use of a smartphone is to browse the internet and have access to our favorite websites on the move. There are thousands of browsers available in our app stores, but which one (s) is (are) the most outstanding for you. Below is a list of my favorite browsers and why I use them- according to order of prefrence

Opera Mini: This has been my first go to browser any day anytime. Infact, right from the first day I learnt what a browser was, it has been Opera Mini all the way. Starting from the Nokia Series 40, to Symbian to Blackberry, to Android to Windows Phone. I have always had Opera Mini installed. Why? you may ask. Because of it’s beautiful rendering of pages. Read long episteles over the web has always been good on Opera Mini. Secondly, it doesn’t consume so much data.

UC Browser: Ever since i discovered UC Browser. It has been my port of call whenever need arises to download. Especially when the file in question is large or important. The the downloading prowess of this app is excellent, and extends across all platforms. Coupled with the UC Cloud feature we reviewed on a while ago, UC Browser is my other favorite browser.

AOSP Browser/Google Chrome: This is the default browser that comes with Android devices. The page rendering here is lovely. Mostly because it’s not so stripped down like see on Opera Mini. In some ocassions where pages appear distorted on Opera Mini, they render better on Chrome. My distaste with Chrome is it’s internal memory, RAM and data hugging tendencies. (Please Note: AOSP Browser is the default browser that comes with many Android devices. It’s the base from which Google Chrome was developed.)

The above are my favorite mobile browsers. Which ones are yours? Be sure to tell us why you love them in the comments section. Cheers.


  1. In no particular order:

    Opera Mini – like WhatsApp it’s available for every operating system and has often been my default browser. But then I have always been a fan of Opera on PC so this was a natural progression.

    Firefox – like Opera, I’ve been a fan of both the PC and phone version. I used to use it a lot when it was the only browser that would render Flash websites, now I rate it that bit better than Google Chrome.

    BlackBerry browser – next to Safari, I’ve found it the best if not one of the best browsers to come with any operating system, to the point where I didn’t need to resort to a third party browser.

    Dolphin browser is my “backup” browser when the others fail me 🙂

  2. UC Browser all the way!! I dumped Opera in 2013 when they started being childish with Airtel.

  3. UC Browser download manager, speed of download, ad-block, fast browsing. The design doesn’t appeal to me aesthetically, but I’ve looked beyond that to enjoy its greatness.

  4. Firefox is my default browser on all my devices except Windows phone. I’ve been using for years and no complaints. I love that it syncs my stuff across devices… That helps especially when I don’t remember the site address I visited on any of my other devices.

  5. For it’s Opera Mini. Apart from the ‘sync’ feature which means I don’t have to start inputing bookmarks all over again, it also works on any phone you can think off (except maybe Nokia 3310).

    It is lean, mean and does the job done without ‘shenanegans’

    Bolt was also good till they ‘died’. UC browser not bad too.

    On my desktop I alternate between Opera and Mozilla…. I never use Internet Explorer (yuk)

  6. On BlackBerry I won’t substitute the inbuilt browser for any other one, it get the job done as far as I’m concern. UC browser has never fail me on android while I use chrome as back up.

  7. Someone mentioned Bolt Browser Halleluyah!! I loved it for the period it was in existence

  8. Permit me to digress and share, in no particular order, some of the worst browsers I’ve used:
    1. Blackberry browser – quite a capable but confused item, page rendering is awful both on the legacy OS and on BB10, and it ranks high on my list of slowest browsers.
    2. Firefox – very efficient but unreliable. Crashes regularly like its a hobby or something despite several “updates” – PC experience anyway. This affected my choice of browser on mobile – I never gave Firefox a second look on all my devices.
    3. Puffin (*hides from EyeBeeK*) – Awful page rendering and looks like a living, breathing billboard. I never got the feeling like I was using a browser…uninstalled within minutes of download.
    I guess I’ll clam up now

  9. AOSP/Chrome, since i switched to Android I’ve found 3rd party browsers (besides Dolphin/Dolphin Zero) to be superfluous. out of habit i used to download and update Opera, but i deleted when i realized i hardly used it

  10. Opera the simplicity and the low data consumption,have tried many others but always comes back to Opera,UC Browser is my next love,but a bit too convoluted on page rendering for my liking and am also a bit wary of the way it always try to access my data plan even in the background..#FISHY

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