Disclaimer: I am an Android fan to the core, so yes that influenced this post – A LOT! As an Android user I must say

Why I still love Android

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Disclaimer: I am an Android fan to the core, so yes that influenced this post – A LOT!

As an Android user I must say that sometimes I am still overwhelmed by the capabilities that it offers. My current Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note is in many ways more powerful than several computers that I used while growing up.

Today I was once again amazed by what I was able to accomplish with my phone with features that were built in. For starters I tethered my phone with my laptop via USB while also simultaneously running a device backup.

After that I logged in to Facebook via the Facebook for Android app, then I took a screenshot by pressing power button + volume down button. I shared the picture via Bluetooth, opened UberSocial and checked my timeline all while still simultaneously being tethered with my laptop.

This is not the first time I’ve done this or is it the most impressive that I have done with my Android powered smartphone but this is just one of those moments where I’m still awed by the sheer power in my hands.

In fact this post was composed via the WordPress app for Android while I still tether my internet with about a dozen apps running in the background. One word describes this – Awesome!

Dear fellow mobile user, when have you accomplished something similar or when have being simply awed by your current mobile device.


  1. I also use the Samsung Galaxy Note, I do everything on it.. Monitor personal and official mails on it,prepare power point presentations, edit excel files online, scan documents and send, recently launched my blog and run it from this awesome device using the wordpress app for Android,Tethering is a daily activity, download and listen to podcasts weekly,… etc
    Atimes I pity the device.. I am still running on Gingerbread 2.3.6 and its still soo smooth, no issues.
    The Note has definitely carved out a niche for itself in the mobile space; coupled with the freedom being offered by the Android OS, I JUST LOVE MY SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE BEING POWERED BY THE ANDROID OS…..

  2. I use a Note as well. Running CM9. I cannot but commend android. Especially those moments when you are running several apps at the same time. Navigation, listening to music, tethering data, chatting, reading articles e.t.c. One can at anytime hop out to play a movie or an HD game. Its just amazing. I remember trying to do download a magazine on the iphone4s. Immediately I switched to reading something on safari the download process paused and remained so till I return to it.

  3. How does the USB tether work, does it work like the usual USB dial-up modem, can i use it to share say a wi-fi connection on my phone with my laptop

  4. I have being on symbian since 2003, just moved to android last month, and all I can say is that android is symbian on performance enhancing drugs.

    I have tried out three ROMS already, and Am comfortable using android revolution HD on my desire HD.

    most of the crazy things I do on symbian I have replicated it, but the new thing that wowed me was using super video, it allowed me watch a video anywhere on screen with the ability to resize the video, I can tweet and watch a video simultaneously just like the pop up video of the galaxy SIII.

    Android is a serious OS, and I like the fact it’s got no limitations.

  5. I love android too but my question is about the data consumption and what data subscription are you guys using?

  6. Data is truly an issue. You will enjoy more your Android if you have sufficient and good data network. I used to use those normal plan before I got hint of the airtel BB PLan that can also be used on any other platform. Android inclusive. So I subscribe =N=1,400 and get 1gig for a month.

  7. I’m using a Galaxy S3 but I’m planning to get a Note too. It is just awesome, as you have already pointed out 🙂

  8. Its unfortunate no thorough expalanation on how Android Phone/Tablet consume data here….I own and use Android phone, the first 24 hour I played with it, it downloading my favourite apps it consume my 260mb from Etisalat and N280 balance loaded another N400. We about 3min calls my balance was N0 the following morning. Android is good but I don’t think it is made for Nigerians maybe for Western people where you get unlimited data for almost free from your carrier. Well I will advice those who can not afford at least 500mb per month not to try Android…..you had better stay with your BB.

  9. thnaks forthis lovely post emmanuel.

    Ebunma, i fell you – but the issue is not so bad.first of all,Android is a pure-thoroughbred-PC in mobile form. darned amazing! As Emmanuel said, 6-8 apps can be running simultaneously, with perfect stability, walahi. What you need do is to log out of all the services you have running – FB,Twitter,mails, weather updates, every single thing… that way, Android doesnt update in the background.

    Emmanuel,you said to post about something we have accomplished on a current mobile device? well check this out – i just abandoned (totally) my office laptop, and my Galaxy tab 10.1 is now my sole system. Not only does it save me the stress of lugging a big ugly laptop around, its also made me more efficient cos the Gtab is so dynamic.. i bought myself a cheap USB Hub (N1,500) which i connect to my Samsung USB dock (2,000) and then i connect 4 devices (yes, FOUR) to the GTab via the USB hub… a mouse, full qwerty-keyboard, one 16gb USB and another 8gb USB drive! Amazing, every thing works flawlessy…

    i heard you can do the same with your GNOTE – you can even go a step further by connecting an LCD monitor via micro-HDMI, and VOILA…

    i really feel sorry for anyine still carrying them Apple stuff… itunes this,itunes that, itunes everywhere.Pity,pity,pity.

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