Advertisement You have read about Innjoo’s smartphones – the i1s and the i2 – and how cheap they are. You may have been wondering what the catch…

Why Innjoo smartphones cost so little

Innjoo redefine everything


You have read about Innjoo’s smartphones – the i1s and the i2 – and how cheap they are. You may have been wondering what the catch is. Here is what Innjoo says about the subject:

We invent a new innovative business model, that is selling mobile at the cost while taking a longer potential revenue stream from software.

In simple English, that means Innjoo do not make any profit off their smartphones. Instead, they choose to sell them at production cost and make money from apps and services. Yes; they must have a lot of cash backing them up to choose this path. The company is based in Dubai, so that sort of explains things. Cash.


It is a bold move, and certainly not one that every manufacturer can or will pursue. Yet, it is one that is sure to spice things up in emerging markets, which are Innjoo’s primary focus.

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  1. We Invent A New Innovative Business Model, That Is Selling Mobile At The Cost While Taking A Longer Potential Revenue Stream From Software.

    I Don’t Get This.

    They Want To Make.Money On Apps And Services.

    What Apps, Exactly? Innjoo Runs On Android Where Lots Of Great Apps Are Offered For Free And Most Paid Apps Have Ultra_Capable Free Alternatives.

    What Services?

    This Reminds One Of The Similarly Low_Priced Solo Range Of Phone, On Nigerias.Their Target Is To Make Money From Music And Videos.

    I Have Doubts.

    Hardware Is Too Easy To Drop. I Could Easily Pick Up The Innjoo For Its Low Price And Refuse To Partake.Of Their So_Called Apps &’services. Also, Must They Sell Hardware, At All (Seeing That Android Is Overflowing With Numerous Cheap Hardware Already) If All They Want To Do Is Offer Differentiated Apps And Services?

    Unless Those Services / Appsare Uniique To The Innjoo Hardware, And Can’t Ruin On Other Android Phones.It Is Doubtful Where This Is Headed… Just Like The Amazon Fire Foray Into The Hardware Business.. To Sell Their Service..

    So, These Innjoo People Still Have Me Beat As To How They Will Give Wings To This Their Business Model..

  2. While their ‘business strategy’ isn’t novel (P.S. Apple and Amazon), I seriously doubt its viability to stand the test of time.

    Guess they’re looking to replicate Amazon’s and Apple’s successes in this area. Ambitious.
    I have the feeling Africans are not so content-driven to pay enough for apps when freebies abound. I may be wrong but only a thorough research can say.

    Personally, I think content before hardware. Backing up winning content with hardware may just win hearts at the end of the day; not the other way round.

    And oh, the first thing I did on my Innjoo device was to delete the infernal Innjoo Store app: I needed the space 🙂

  3. Is there support for injoo in Nigeria yet? In case there is problem, what happens to the phone?

  4. I’m also finding it difficult to imagine how this strategy is going to work out except they are tied with Jumia that are offering the devices in Nigeria presently.

    I would like to see how it succeeds eventually. pricing devices low is one thing but at cost price is really going to be tough. One way this may work though, is by making the brand a household name so that it becomes as popular as say Samsung and Tecno while still offering durable and relatively quality products at about the best price before they can move in with better pricing that can bring them products like Tecno tend to be doing with their mid to high-end devices now.


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