If you aren’t planning on getting a Tablet computer for yourself, for one reason or the other, you may need to take a second and

Why you may need a tablet device

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If you aren’t planning on getting a Tablet computer for yourself, for one reason or the other, you may need to take a second and longer look at this increasingly popular genre of mobile computing devices. Yes, they are not there yet in terms of coming close to the maturity, versatility and functionality that traditional Personal Computers offer, but you will agree with me that they have come a long way and can only get better from here on.


The Tablet Advantage
Here are my personal points of what I have come to consider as the Tablet advantage. They are drawn from having used the Samsung Galaxy Tab for a while now.

1. The Always-on advantage: The vast majority of users of the traditional computer just shut it down when not in use. The Tablet on the other hand is always left on whether we are using it or not. So if I need to quickly take a note of an idea, my Tablet is always ready for the task. Also, because I do not have to boot the Tablet every time I need to use it, I am able to access the internet faster on it than on the ordinary computer.

2. Portability: While the Tablet is heavier and bigger than the smartphone, it is usually lighter and in my case smaller than the average PC. Therefore making it a more portable device than the traditional computer. I might also add that the charger of Tablets are more portable than those of laptops making them far easier to carry around. They also feel more comfortable to use in a public transport system for example, than even the netbooks.

3. Productivity: Here is where the Tablet has an advantage over the smartphone. The screen size of the tablet makes tasks like web browsing, watching videos, and reading ebooks much more enjoyable than on the smartphone. A classical example of this fact was carried out here at the Mobility Nigeria office. We sent the same PDF file to both the Nokia N8 and the Samsung Galaxy tab. When the file was opened on both devices, the Tablet handled it better and gave a better experience than on the Nokia N8. In fact, I must say that it was a pain to view the file on the N8. I have had more fun reading and responding to emails on the Tab than on any smartphone I have ever used.

4. Battery Life: The battery life of the Tablet, at least the one I have used lasts longer than that of the average laptop. Battery life these days have become indispensable in mobile computing.

5. Multimedia Creation on The Go: The ability to capture moments, whether in stills or in video is one that the tradtional computer does not have and is not going to get, and one that will continue to get better on the Tablet. In these days of the social media, being able to create media on the go is highly critical.

The Tablet computer is definitely going to gain popularity this year as many manufacturers are getting on the bandwagon, but the question that needs to be asked is whether or not you are going to get one?


  1. Well, I have always had this conviction that tablets are just a passing fad. Have a look at http://www.artwales.biz/?p=1306 for some reasons.

    However, it is beginning to look as if tablets are here to stay.The rate at which they are being churned out points to this. However, I stil feel that a tablet would never be able to replace a smartphone, or a real pc/netbook.

    While they have their good points, they are likely going to remain luxury (elitist) items.

    So much for the much touted ‘digital convergence’ era!

    Most people will still need to have multiple devices for different uses….

  2. Good work, Dayo. Very good Work!!! We now seem to walk on the same plain in your last articles!

    This article is timely for Deoladoctor. ALl your reasoning are well-thought through, Dayo. Your chains of thought on tablet computing is very practical.

    Abeg, I will definitely get a tablet as soon as the latest become readily available worldwide. My choice is either an Android tab running 3.0 Honeycomb or an ipad 2!

  3. @afewgoodmen, thanks. I must say that we do our best here at MN to be objective.

    @Eyebeekay, thanks for the link and it was quite an interesting read. Still, I have my reservation about the Tablet device really slowing down the sale of smartphones. The Tablet devices are primarily not phones. But then, I will keep my fingers crossed and see how things play out in the near future.

  4. I will certainly buy a Tablet, its included in my 2011 budget.

    Tablets are the next big thing. All you have to do is to imagine all the fun you get on a Smartphone and think of enjoying them on a bigger screen.

    Tablets will certainly affect the sale of Smartphones because the prices of Tablets and Smartphones are getting closer. Check out Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S.

    Very soon most people will prefer to buy a dump/feature phone and a Tablet rather that buy a Smartphone.

    Well timed article because 2011 is the year of Tablets for Nigeria.

    Waiting for announcement from Airtel and Glo.

  5. I think truely the tabs will have to share same space with our smartphones. I can’t have a smartphone and go out buying a tablet as well. But I don’t see tablets out selling smartphones because of the usability f smartphones far exceeds that of tablets. I used the ipad last sat for the first ? and immediately was drawn to the idea of getting a tablet. I went online shopping what will suite my personality but unfortunately I didn’t ?. I need a tablet that will give me what my next smartphone (galaxy s2) will and preferably a 7 inch but none could pass. So right now still waiting may be one will turn up in future.

  6. Right now, apart from the larger display, I do not see any other advantage that the current crop of tablets have over the smartphones that I have used.

    1. Always-on? Check!
    2. Portability? Check!
    3. Productivity? Check!
    4. Multimedia Creation on The Go? Check!
    5. Battery Life? Check?

    A tablet gives me neither the portability of a smartphone, nor the functionality of a PC. Doh! When someone manufactures a tablet that I can run full PC software on, wake me up please.

  7. ‘..When someone manufactures a tablet that I can run full PC software on, wake me up please…’
    Oga, you may be shaken out of that somnolent mood earlier than you imagine!

    I hereby predict thus –

    with CAPSULES being equipped with incrementally more powerful processors and bountiful memory – and with manufacturers engaging themselves In rat-races to produce the best CAPSULE – that tine to wake you up may not be lightyears ahead o!

  8. EyeBeeKay,

    I agree with you. Believe me, I can’t wait for that time. If possible, I want such a tablet today. If someone launches a PC-grade tablet tomorrow, I’ll give out my netbook and get one.

    But as at today, what exists as tablets are nothing but oversized smartphones.

  9. Good for iLovers. You know I won’t put my money on the iPad in its current state for the world. A mini-computer that cannot “talk” to other computers, amongst other dumb features? Nah!

    Plus, Gizmodo are just being their usual Apple-loving selves. Photoshop on the iPad does not end the desktop computing era in anyway. I could also have said that USB-on-the-go on the Nokia N8 marked the end of the desktop computing era. That’s lots more practical and useful for more people than PhotoShop.

    The iPad’s memory can’t even be expanded – no microSD slot, talk less of hooking up USB devices et al. Such a closed system cannot bring about the end of desktop computing.

  10. hmmmmm I’m usually a silent observer on mobility nigeria but here’s my two cents errr kobo on this 🙂

    In my case the tablet even a pc-grade one could never replace my pc.

    It could never replace my smartphone, I like that I can do just about everything with it from pocket to hand on the move just like all of you.

    BUT I definitely agree with all Dayo has said and would buy a tablet as an in between device for Casual browsing, social networking etc and just doing fun stuff at home away from all work related activity on a larger than smartphone screen.

    After staring at two 19″ screens for the whole day believe me
    switching to my small smartphone screen is terrible.

    reading a book- I read a whole lot, I have tried but reading on a smartphone is just painful.

    Now i know a lot of people prefer laptops and netbooks as their “in between” device but

    – A laptop doesnt work for me it’s bulky,fiddly, gets hot, has very low battery life, my casual browsing etc becomes a nightmare so bye bye laptop.

    – tried a netbook again doesn’t work for me, ever tried browsing or reading in bed or on a couch on a netbook? forget it.

    so it all comes down to what you really want the tablet for.

    To me its seems the major crutch of the matter is PRICE!!

    If for instance the samsung galaxy tab was going for a price of
    between 30 and 50k(hint hint mobility nigeria phone store! lol, what? I can dream as much as I like can’t I?)

    I believe almost every one of us here would buy one without too much hesitation.

    You know you would 😉

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