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Banboo D700

We live in an age of tablets. There are tablets everywhere and consumers are spoilt for choice. Whenever people are presented with a new model, they tend to ask, “Why should I consider this?” We can help you with answering that question in the case of the Bamboo D700, a new 7-inch tablet in the market.

Terrestrial Television. Radio Too

This tablet lets you watch regular TV. No extra software. No extra hardware. Tune in to MiTV, AIT, Channels, Silverbird, and others. The Bamboo D700 has an internal aerial that surrounds round inside the device to receive signals. We know you must be expecting FM Radio too. yes; it is in there as well. Bamboo has got you covered.


DualSIM, Phone Calls, Mobile Internet

This is Nigeria. There are not many hotspots all over the place. The Bamboo D700 gives you two SIM card slots, so that besides phone calls, you can also carry your mobile internet subscription around with you.

Did we say mobile internet? It gets even better. The Bamboo D700 comes with a free Airtel SIM card, with 100MB of data, 20 Free SMS, & 20 minutes voice calls every month for 6 months. You get the picture; don’t you?

Long Battery life

The Bamboo tablet claims an endurance of over 25 years hours of non-stop phone call over a 3G network. Trust us: that is the best in class performance. If that claim is true, this is the tablet that you want to carry around.

Ready for Business

If you run a business, this tablet here comes with a pre-loaded retail point of sale terminal that lets you keep tab on everything that’s happening in your business even when you’re not physically there. You are never far away.

Bamboo D700

Review Ahoy!

The manufacturers are so sure of these claims that they are sending us a review unit, so you can expect us to put the D700 through its paces on your behalf. Still, we know that we already have your interest piqued. If you are into technicalities, please have a look at the specifications:


Display: 7.0 inches Hi-fi TFT capacitive touchscreen, 1024 x 600 pixels (163 PPI)
Size: 196 x 124mm x 10.2 mm
Weight: 368g
Internal storage: 16 GB
Memory card support: Yes
Network: Dual SIM with phone call and 3.5G internet support
Processor: 1GHz MediaTek 8377 CPU
Operating System: Android 4.0
Rear Camera: 2 megapixels
Secondary camera: 0.3 megapixels
Extras: FM Radio. Terrestrial TV. POS.

All the above just for N49,950.00 only. It sounds like a steal.


  1. // The Bamboo tablet claims an
    endurance of over 25 years of
    non-stop phone call over a
    3G network.gh

    You meant 25 HOIRS.

    Sounds awesome. Especially the battery life and the inclusion of a TV Tuner.

  2. Does this stuff has micro-soft office suite, and has GPS applications? Pls respond asap. Thanks

  3. Pls did you buy this tablet. I need to know if its any good cos I’m interested in buying it.

  4. Please where can i get this device. What is the price and Can they deliver and make payment upon delivery. Address: Adebola House, 40 Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos. 08061198293.

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