WordPress 3.8 introduces mobile administration for your blog

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One of the awesome things about WordPress as a publishing platform is that there have been ways to use it on mobile for ages. Plugins have been around that help users to create a mobile-friendly frontend for this powerful web publishing tool. But what of the Admin backend? There have been a few plugins that provide a stripped down version of the admin end for mobile use, but I found them too stripped down.

With the WordPress 3.8 update, however, WordPress is now fully mobile-friendly – mobile usage on the frontend and a fully featured mobile-friendly admin backend. You should see it!

Backup your database, upgrade to WordPress 3.8 and login to your Dashboard on your mobile device to be blown away. Every admin task that you can do on PC is now available in a sweet mobile-friendly format, so you can be fully productive on the go. The WordPress 3.8 admin mobile UI reminds me of Android’s Holo UI. Unmistakably Holo. Here is what WordPress 3.8 admin areas look like on my BlackBerry Z30:

WordPress 3-8 mobile login

WordPress 3-8 mobile dashboard

WordPress 3-8 mobile menu

WordPress 3-8 mobile posts

WordPress 3-8 mobile comments

It is great to be able to use the admin area on mobile now without any plugins. The UI changes are not restricted to mobile though. The desktop admin format also looks and feels better. It is a total revamp. Forgive my excitement, but WordPress just feels brand new again! Kudos to the WordPress development team.

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