World Cup 2018: Who is the Internet speed champion?

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OpenSignal’s Internet speed rankings have proven to be mostly reliable because the information is crowd-sourced from users of their internet speed app from around the world. That is why when I got wind of the OpenSignal World Cup, where 32 countries compete in internet speed, I jumped in! How do the participating countries rank in terms of Internet speed at the World Cup 2018?

What OpenSignal has done is use all the 32 countries participating in the FIFI World Cup 2018 and ranked them according to the top internet speeds that they have in the OpenSignal database. Interesting; right? Yup! Let’s go!

First things first, while Argentina and Brazil may be superstars in football, as far as internet speed is concerned, they are piss poor. With 10Mbps and 11Mbps respectively, neither of them make it past the group matches. But they are not the poorest performers.

World Cup 2018 Internet Speeds By Groups

Have a look at how each team stands in the Groups:
Open signal world cup graphic mobilityarena

Nigeria settled down at the bottom of the Group D table with a sluggish 4Mbps. And that is the slowest speed in the Internet Speed World Cup 2018. Senegal has the same speed in Group H. Any surprises there?

In Group D, Croatia’s 23Mbps is a step behind Iceland’s 37Mbps. Small wonder, the Croats trounced both Nigeria and Argentina fair and square in the real matches on ground. Okay, okay, I that is a stretch. But, hey!

The Top Countries At The OpenSignal World Cup

The fastest internet speeds in OpenSignal’s database are European and Asian, with South Korea occupying the top spot with 41Mbps. Iceland is the second fastest internet country at the games.

But suffice to say that OpenSignal declared Denmark the Internet speed champions of the 2018 World Cup. There is a somewhat complicated process that involved 3G and 4G speed statistics that led to that though.

If you are interested in how the 32 teams progressed from Group games all the way to the Internet Speed World Cup 2018 sponsored by OpenSignal, just click HERE.

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