Wp7S: No removable memory

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Okay, this is getting wierder by the day. Now, we are convinced that the Microsoft guys working on Windowsphone 7 Series slept and woke up waaaay back in 1980 or thereabouts.


How else do you explain all the features that are being excluded from Wp7S? First, it was multi-tasking, then copy and paste, and now removable memory. No microSD? No MiniSD? No cards at all.

Yes; we want to scream. But what’s that going to achieve?

Source. Incidentally, we notice that Afewgoodmen mentioned this in a recent comment he made on another article we published recently on Windowsphone 7 Series.


  1. Hum! I earlier said that windows phone required a close scrutiny before purcahse when a first article on windows 7 phone series was discussed here. Now my fears are getting confirmed.

  2. Competitors could have hired someone and sneaked him into Microsoft to run them down with bad business decisions. We’ll watch and see how the new MS Windows 7 phone OS fares when it is finally released.

  3. I thank Mobility Nigeria for this article. It’s good to mention that I had noted the lack of memory card initially. I think Microsoft is going backwards. They need to get their acts together. And a Holiday launch 2010 is not doing the company any good. By then I believe most of the wow features now will be outdated or commonplace.

    Finally, I believe they are not being innovative, but instead copying another platform. Copying another mobile phone vendor. Need I say the Company name?. Anyone who intends buying a windows phone should endeavour to thread carefully, so as not to feel shortchanged!

  4. For all the noise and ridicule that has gone the way of the iPhone, the competition has shown just one thing. IMITATION IS THE SUREST FORM OF FLATTERY

  5. Windows mobile iPhone Series or what’s it called.
    Welcome to Microsoft’s new goof.

  6. Thing is, as far as I am concerned, WS7 is a joke considering the calibre of devices in the market at the moment…this clumsy attempt by microsoft smacks of a desperate response to the RIM/android/iPhone command of the mobile device milieu right now…the lack esp of a copy/paste capability is astounding…so I’ve gotta type out every single word on the phone all the time? Pls!

    Maybe Bill Gates should come out of retirement to see this one through!

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