Word is just out from Cupertino, Apple Head Quarters, that Steve Jobs will deliver the keynote address of the WWDC. The WWDC is the Annual

WWDC 2010: Steve Jobs to Deliver Keynote Address

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Word is just out from Cupertino, Apple Head Quarters, that Steve Jobs will deliver the keynote address of the WWDC. The WWDC is the Annual worldwide Developers Conference for Apple where they use to launch new product line and the concept of the next phase of Apple products, inclusive of their MAC OS X, iphone and ipod range of products.

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This year’s conference for Apple developers begins June 7, 2010. Apple’s chief executive has said once again through e-mail that Apple fans “won’t be disappointed” and that there’s “Not a chance” that Google’s Android is surpassing the iPhone.

Of course this is expected of Steve Jobs whose wind was taken out of him earlier when a research from NPD noted that the sales of Android phones in the US has surpassed that of the iphone for the first time.

On top of all these have been iphone leaks on the internet which has revealed core features of the upcoming iphone. According to Gizmodo.com (one of the sources of the leaks), the iphone 4g or HD (the name of the next generation isn’t determined yet) has improved hardware which include a front-facing camera and higher-resolution screen which definitely will make the next gen iphone up to speed and features with the latest Android phones from HTC and Samsung for instance.

There is actually no word exactly what Jobs will use the platform to announce, but the bet is that an official announcement of the 4th-generation iPhone will be made. The event is targeted at Apple developers and was sold out in eight days. Application Frameworks; Internet & Web; Graphics & Media; Developer Tools; and Core OS will be discussed.

This seems nice and timely and it is actually difficult to keep up with the wait, even though June 7th is just next week away. There would be a lot of other goodies for sure along with the repositioning of the iphone and similar products.


  1. The 4th generation iphone will definetly be presented to the world at the conference, no doubt.
    I ve seen photos of the presumed phone, which was said to have been left behind at a drinking bar by one of Apple’s engineers.
    I just keep wondering why Mr Jobs have to do the talking all the time.

  2. iphone iphone iphone…..although a revolutionary tool in mobile communication going by its accomplishments, i think its over hyped.

    I may not be able to make a very good argument as i dont own one, but from the ones i see with my friends.. speed is all i noticed and a more robust apps store. The talk about the iphone killer is not as popular as back in the days. More software/ phone companies are stepping up their game.

    With most smart phones running on 1GHz processors, you can hardly fault them on speed any more, not even the traditionally slow winmos. Even apple is feeling threatened by android these days. There are just some basic things that apple has refused to have on their iphones which are common essentials.. like your fm radio, higher camera pixel size, also a bigger screen (which seems to be the norm now,well, they have the ipad).

    However, i still have to give it to Steve Jobs as he gave the mobile community a new standard with the iphone introduction. This competition is a major factor in getting other phone companies back on the drawing board.

    If not for the iphone, we may not have the Nexus Ones, HTC HD2s, SonyEricsson X10s, Dell Streaks, Acer Stream, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia N900… the list is very long these days. Available 3rd party apps for these phones are almost endless and the phone companies are trying to have their own apps store better organised now.

    You will notice i didn’t mention blackberry…well, that is because i don’t consider it fun enough though a good competition in business tools.

  3. @belushi. Nice comment. It is good you try an iPhone to be able to appreciate the UI and the smartphone functions. Then you would have made up your mind. Mind you there are more third party apps to choose from that would meet your needs than any other mobile platform. Issues like multi-tasking will be improved on in the next iphone.

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