It was April 1st – A day renowned for playing pranks. Most people were caught out in one way or the other. This happened not

XDA nearly released a developer phone… but there was some drama to follow

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It was April 1st – A day renowned for playing pranks. Most people were caught out in one way or the other. This happened not only in real life situations, but also on the internet. One of the pranks that got to me was this announcement from XDA-Developers:
If you didn’t know what XDA means, they are probably the largest and most famous forum for any kind of Android hacks you can think of. So it was a delight to see them working towards building a smartphone. Imagine a device crafted by developers, for developers.

This is an excerpt from the release:

After years of development, and countless bricked devices, we are ready to take the wraps off XDA’s biggest project yet: the XDA Labphone, XDA-developer’s first foray into smartphone manufacturing. Packing the best internals available in a durable, sleek design, the XDA Labphone will allow you to experiment like no other device ever has.

We’ve made sure to include everything XDA users need for a safe, bug-free experience. XDA Labphone will be running honest-to-Duarte Stock Android, no alterations, no filler, no bloat. The XDA Labphone’s software is fully open source and timely, with guaranteed updates coming no more than two weeks* after Nexus releases, zip-aligned and with Aroma installation to trim the experience as much as you want.

After seeing all the other top end specs the phone was to come with, my heart just beamed with joy. “This would be my next phone!!” I told myself. Imagine a phone you could flash left, right, and center with any kind of custom ROM you can think of 😀

The news spread like wildfire, even the likes of PhoneArena believed the story and carried the news. No one could have envisioned this was a hoax until yesterday. In another article, Mathew Brack from XDA confirmed that the Labphone was an April fool’s prank:

As many of you have guessed and as some of you have feared, the Labphone is just an April Fools joke. There is no Labphone. The team really came together on this year’s joke and we will take a few moments here to outline how it all came to be.

LOL!! :mrgreen: a very expensive joke. It is crazy really, you can imagine I write for XDA too and never saw this coming. What do you think of this? If such a phone ever existed, would you get yourself one?

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