In pursuit of transformation or rather, ease of use, Yahoo has just revamped their email application. They introduced a new feature called Yahoo Account Key.


  1. good move, but it should be available as optional 2FA, not just as a substitute for a password

  2. While this sounds and appear innovative, it actually looks to me like they are trying too hard though.

    The process of approving on a mobile device linked to the account like it was described above seems longer to me that just inputting the damn password and getting it over with anyway.

    Maybe when I experience it sha, I may have a different opinion.

  3. you misunderstand, once you login and store the account credentials on your mobile device, you’ll get push notifications for subsequent login attempts on a computer. there’s no extra verification required, obvious flaw is anyone with your smartphone/tab would be able to access your Y! account, that’s why I’d prefer if this was available as 2FA

  4. …all I’m saying!!!

    But too early to judge without first experiencing the process anyway.

    By the way, what’s yahoo active customer base like now? Gmail must have done injustice to it ooo

  5. They should try resolve their yahoomail not being accessible on Opera. And the snail loading speed of their website. That’s what they need.

  6. those are third world problems, hardly a priority for peoppe with smartphones and decent internet access which this is aimed at

  7. Internet access obviously, the authentication is supposed to be delivered as a push notification

  8. lol, just saying. this isn’t aimed at people who try to access yahoomail through Opera

  9. Including android too. Its just too slow. And I’m sure you know there is Opera on desktop. Even on Mozilla. And like you aptly said… Its all third world prob

  10. well this is aimed at people with smart mobile devices, you’d have to have the Yahoo app installed on your device, that’s how you add the account to the device. as per Opera and Mozilla, they’re semi obsolete Chrome and even Internet Explorer are better and don’t have any problems accessing/loading the Yahoo site

  11. First time I’m hearing someone describing Chrome and Monzilla as obsolete while venerating Explorer. Explorer of all browsers! It is well. Experience differs sha

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