Just this afternoon, I received an SMS from Yudala offering Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime for NGN15,000. I clicked on the link to check out this too-good-to-be-true offer. Guess what I found.

Yudala offers Samsung J5 Prime at NGN15,000 but there’s a catch

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Just this afternoon, I received an SMS from Yudala saying, “Ready To Save Big? Get Galaxy J5 Prime @ N15K, Zinox GTX Notebook @ N16K & Many More.> http://bit.ly/2D6Hrlv OR Call 0700 7000 000. Yu Can Buy Now & PAY LATER!”

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime for NGN15,000? I clicked on the link to check out this too-good-to-be-true offer. Guess what I found. This:

Yudala offers Samsung J5 Prime

The price of the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime on the Yudala website is NGN61,330.00. That is a huge cry from NGN15,000 as stated in the text message.

Yes; it was indeed too good to be true.

This isn’t the first time Yudala is pulling off something of this sort. During the Yudala Infinix Month in 2016, the e-commerce site advertised a 50% price promo. None of the items on offer on their site had a discount even close to that. There was not even a 20% discount.

Yudala seems to have a fetish for baiting customers with false offers.

Eventually, buyers will develop a deep distrust of a brand that keeps dangling non-existent mouth-watering offers to the public.

PS: I tweeted at Yudala to ask for an explanation of this situation. Here is the response from Yudala’s Twitter handle:

I will not make any further remarks beyond what I posted above originally. Over to you for your comments.

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  1. Don’t mind them, Mr Mo, that is how they sometimes mislead people, it’s one of their tricks. I never fall for something like this because in Nigeria, such discount can never be true.

  2. It is not only Yudala that doez this kind of thing. Our GSM networks also do this.

    I am surprised you are surprised.

    Understating things, or leaving out critical fine details to bait you.

    Like MTN telling you something is free Knowing MTN I put on a Thomas cap and let another mugu bite first.

    Yes, if it is too good, it is probably bad.

  3. It’s a Nigerian thing.

    It’s also due to lack of enforcing business regulation.

    So, u have to always be careful when u see offers that look too good to be true, cos they usually are.

    Yudala,Jumia,telecos,government etc they are all compromised.

    Very unfortunate

  4. I really don’t know which is better to them,,,,be open and honest get customers for life? Or raise false alarms and lose customers on the long run

  5. That to me appears as being conny by Yudala. why not just be straight in the SMS and let it be plaim that they’re offering pay on.installment.
    A popular expression goes “Conny man die, conny man bury am”
    Such baiting won’t sell good image.

    Bravo for the initiative to confront them Mr. Mo!

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