During a recent visit to a nearby Zain centre, I was told that using Zain data (GPRS/EDGE/3G) on my Nokia E90 communicator would limit me

Zain Data works on Phones for Web and Email

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During a recent visit to a nearby Zain centre, I was told that using Zain data (GPRS/EDGE/3G) on my Nokia E90 communicator would limit me to just WAP. The implication is that I would not be able to check my emails using a mail client, for example.

It sounded crazy then, and it still does – especially now that I have satisfied myself that they were either bluffing in order to sell their USB modems or they were ignorant.

Yesterday, I tried things out for myself and successfully browsed the web on my Sony Ericsson T650i. The T650i is 3G-enabled, but Zain 3G was nowhere in sight, so I had to settle for creepy-crawly GPRS (and boy, did it crawl!)

Browsing MobilityNigeria.com over Zain's GPRS connection
Browsing MobilityNigeria.com over Zain's GPRS connection

After satisfying myself that the coinnection worked, I opened up the T650i’s built-in mail client, configured it to use Zain’s access point, and after a few moments, I was connected and downloading new mails to my phone.

Connected to my mail server and receiving mails over Zain's GPRS connection

Just for fun, later in the day, I popped the SIM into my Nokia E90 communicator, and successfully browsed as well as connected to my mail server.

Again, I used the T650i (connected via USB cable) as a modem to browse the web on PC. But boy, was it sloooowwww! Here’s a pic of the connection:

Am I doing something wrong or has Zain forgotten to implement the restrictions in their policy?

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  1. Sir, I Appreciate your effort and pray God to give you more grace and long life for the service of humanity.

    Please i want to know how to configure my fone to receive and check emails. I use Nokia 3500c.

    Your early response will be much appreciated, Sir.


  2. Franklyn, to be able to walk you through setting up your mail account in your phone’s built-in email client, I need to know what sort of email account you are using. What you need is a POP3/IMAP type email account. That excludes the standard free Yahoo account, and inlcludes Gmail and the average corporate email account.

    You need:

    – your username
    – your password
    – Incoming mail server: Usually in the format “mail.domain.com”
    – Outgoing mail server: Usually in the format “smtp.domain.com”

    For starters, let me know if you have a POP3/IMAP mail account, and we can proceed from there.

  3. Pls Yomi, i will like to know why Zain gprs access point is not running gmail application and opera 4.2 on my nokia 6020 but only the older version 3.1 where as the two versions works perfectly well when i use MTN or etisalat gprs service.I recieved all the 3 settings from Zain i.e MMS,WAP, and INTERNET and created access point for them but still opera 4.2 refuse running.Pls advice me on how to make it work.

  4. Abubakar, my questions:

    1. When you attempt to use Zain with those applications, which of the access points do you select? WAP, MMS or Internet?

    2. Is your line activated for Zain full internet (not WAP)? Are you able to use the Zain internet access point in other applications on your phone?

  5. Hi Yomi,
    1- i selected internet access point.
    2- I activated Zain internet configuration fully sent to me via their 232.
    3- The only application that it has responded to is the opera. 3.1.But whenever i tried using opera 4.1 or 4.2 version it does not use to work.when using 4.2 version it tries to connect, then finally it tells me there is problem with my service provider or i should use my desk top to visit opera help.Infact,even my friends with nokia E71 and E66 are also having same problem.Pls advice me on what i should do. Thanks.

  6. Abubakar, try this out: In Opera 4.1 and 4.2, go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Network -> Protocol. Ensure that HTTP is the selected option. If it doesn’t work with that, select Socket.

  7. Samson, I’m afraid we cannot help you. We are not into illegal activities here.

    Except your network provides free browsing, we encourage you to pay for whatever you use.

    Would you be happy if you were to be running a business and your customers find a way to cheat you of your income for services you offer? Think about it.

  8. Good day Yomi
    I would like to buy the zain 3g usb modem but i dont know where to get it or how much it cost do you have any ideas please mail me at guddsid@yahoo.com or preferably text me on 08027720304 (since you use zain it should be free text lol).Thanks

  9. Stanley,

    I recommend that you purchase from an independent supplier, so you are sure it is unlocked and that you can use it with any network of your choice.

    Alireta sells 3G USB modems for N23,000 per unit only. You may call 08084391076 to place your order.

  10. Yomi, pls can u give me d settngs u used to set up ur fone wth zain 2 dwnload ur mails via pop3

  11. Hey yomi i got the internet settings on my e71 but it never connects and how do i set up my gmail on the phone

  12. Samuel,

    Having the internet settings on your phone does not necessarrily mean that your line has been activated for that service. The fact that it never connects suggests that your line has not been activated. Contact Zain for that.

    Instructions for setup of Gmail on your phonr are available at Email on your Phone

  13. I called there c center their employees there are useless sorry to say they re jus about selling data cards i would visit the nearest zain shop and get back at you

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