Get 1.5GB data for N1,000 on Glo, plus other good news


Glo has silently made adjustments to their data plans such that subscribers get even more data for their money. First up is the N1,000 play, which now provides 1.5GB up from the previous 1GB data allocation. most of the other data plans have also

  • N1,000: 1.5GB (up from 1GB)
  • N2,000: 3GB (up from 2.5GB)
  • N3,000: 6GB (up from 4.5GB)
  • N4,000: 9GB – this looks like a new plan

We have the NCC’s recent removal of data floor price to thank for these new rates. Of course, Glo has always been at the forefront of driving down mobile data prices in Nigeria. This is not the first time this year that Glo has adjusted its data plans to give subscribers more value. We expect the other providers to respond to this, as usual, by offering more to their subscribers too.


How Globacom’s Twin Bash promo is retrogressive


Glo Nigeria is running an end-of-year promo called Twin Bash in which subscribers get double data and airtime when they recharge and subscribe to a data plan. Glo says the promo offers subscribers data, credit to call other network and also credit to call family and friends on a single recharge.


How Glo Twin Bash Works
Buy a Glo recharge card of N200. Load it using the USSD code *223*pin#. You will be given 200MB of data, N200 to call any network and N200 to call your family and friends numbers valid for 4 days.

Buy a Glo Recharge Card of N1,000. Load it using the USSD code *223*pin#. You will be given 1000MB of data, N1,000 to call any network and N1,000 to call your family and friends numbers valid for 10 days.

The Problem
Note that by making this promo available only through loading of recharge cards via a special code, Glo has locked out legions of subscribers who recharge their phones electronically. For you to participate in this promo, you have to go get actual recharge cards or have the PINs sent to you. If your line is electronically loaded, nothing for you.

Imagine that you would love to subscribe to this, but run out of data at night or you are unable to step out to get a recharge card, you miss out if you do virtual top-up. This is just insane in a time and age in which everyone is embracing convenience. Still, if you can do the recharge card hustle, it is a good offer.


Glo increases allocation on Always Micro data plan


Users of Glo mobile internet services will be familiar with Always Micro, the most affordable monthly data plan from the operator. Last year, the data allocation on the plan was bumped up to 350 MB.

This year, Glo has bumped it up again – this time to a whopping 1GB.


That means for just N1,000, you get 1GB for 30 days. We are gradually moving towards Eldorado. Remember that dream about 3GB for N1,000? It is still very alive. No; not on a BIS plan, but on a regular data plan. When we get there, we will throw a party – and then cook up a new dream.


Are Globacom and GTBank at loggerheads over 737?


GTBank’s One Click Airtime Top-up is arguably the best thing that ever happened to customers of the bank in need of quick airtime purchase. To top-up one’s mobile line or send family and friend airtime, you only need to dial *737*amount# on your phone to top-up your line and your bank account is debited for the purchase. It is oh, so convenient.


I woke this morning to find that I was almost out of airtime and casually proceeded to use the service, knowing that I had at least enough in my bank account to cover the cost of airtime that I required (PS: I know that sounds like I am a citizen of #MekunuTwitter, but..hey).

Anyway, this was the response that I got:
737 disabled on Glo

Yes; the GTBank 737 service has been disabled on the Glo network until further notice. Sigh.

If you have never used the service or a similar one before, you can’t understand how it feels now to be stripped of it. To get airtime now, I have to log in to the mobile banking app or the internet banking portal, go through menu after menu – and then my token must be available for us or no show. This sucks. It sucks badly.

I wonder which party dropped the ball and wrecked the relationship between GTBank 737 and Globacom – the orange box or the lemon green ball? Or was Glo reacting to something our reader said in the comments here? LOL.


How to cancel auto recharge on Glo Borrow Me Credit

Glo BoroMe opt out

Globacom’s Borrow Me Credit is a service that allows qualified users to request for airtime from Glo on loan when you have run out of airtime. The service allows you to borrow N50, N100, N200, N500 and N1,000 to be paid back on your next recharge within a specified period.

I have used both the manual and auto borrow aspects of the service. See my experience with the manual Borrow Me Credit here on Borrow Me Credit.

Some months ago, I decided to give the auto recharge aspect a try as well. While it works, it has one annoying weakness: many times, there is a delay in Glo’s system and you don’t get credited with the airtime immediately. The whole idea behind auto borrow is that the user should have access to airtime when he needs it. Many times, the delay means that one still as to get airtime some other way first – and then the system credits your line later after the urgency is past. In other words, one is paying for a service that often doesn’t deliver when one needs it.

Glo BoroMe opt out

Eventually, I decided to disable the auto recharge feature. If I really need to borrow credit, I will do it manually. Here’s what to do to opt out of auto borrow.

To stop auto recharge on Borrow Me Credit
The service works around the *321# short code.

To stop the auto recharge service, dial *321#, then press “1” for auto borrow, and then press “2” to cancel. You should get an SMS notifying you that you have successfully opted out of Auto Borrow service.

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Beware: Glo’s All Purpose Data Pack is not what it sounds like


Glo Nigeria advertises their “All-Purpose Data” pack as having no restrictions and urge you to use it as you want. Well, feel free to use it as you want – for email, downloads, videos or whatever. However, you will soon find out that there are restrictions.


The data pack is advertised without the mention of any data cap on the three available options. However, there are data limits. Trust us here at; we tried it out for ourselves.

Consider the 7-day pack costing N200. I dialled *127*56# to subscribe and got a notice that welcomed me to a plan called “Smallie” and which also stated that my data allocation was 50 MB.

Glo Smallie

There. No restrictions; right? Try watching video with that and see how long it lasts. The other packs get even smaller data allocation, of course.

Questions: Why does Glo market these plans without full disclosure about data cap? Why not market them with their proper names, e.g. Smallie? Why does Glo claim that the pack offers “no restrictions” when in reality they offer same restrictions as many other plans? Why does Glo’s marketing videos portray these All-Purpose Data packs as something you can use to watch endless videos? A colleague was with me at a Glo shop where we watched re-plays of those videos and we laughed. It was that visit to the shop that prompted me to try out the All-Purpose pack.

PS: I called Glo customer care line to ask questions about the All-Purpose pack, but the lady who attended to me insisted that there was nothing by that name. I told her that her company’s marketing videos, fliers and website have materials so labelled and promoted. It was a fruitless phone conversation. She insisted. I insisted. We went round and round. Finally, I gave up.


Audio Podcast: The state of mobile internet in Nigeria in 2015

mobile internet

In this audio podcast, Mister Mobility takes a look at the prevailing quality of service of mobile internet services in Nigeria in 2015. His verdict isn’t very good.

Download or stream the 4-minute podcast: The state of mobile internet in Nigeria in 2015.

Get helpful information about mobile internet and mobile technology in general on the Mobility Quick Facts page. We appreciate your feedback, so do post your comments below.


Mister Mobility says goodbye to Glo

Glo logo

Glo logo

For close to two weeks now, as soon as I get within vicinity of my residence, Glo network signal disappears from my line. That means that in my own home, I have been unreachable via voice and SMS, and I am unable to use Glo HSI. If I need to make a call on my line, I have to drive about 10 minutes outside of my home to do so. The last time I checked, that kind of thing happened way back in the early 2000s.

Yes; in 2001, I had an ECONET line (which Mrs Mo has faithfully used till date; that woman hasn’t got one shred of adventure DNA in her). It was our only telephone line back then. The gist is that ECONET network signal was the pits in our neck of the woods then. Our home was in a valley and to be able to place or receive phone calls, I had to stroll up the hill. Hunting around the house, I found a spot where – if I prayed and had faith long enough – I could pick the faintest of signals to receive a call, holding the phone up as high as possible and taking the call with a wired headset attached to my (or the Mrs’ ears). The reception was however never strong enough to initiate a call. I tried standing on a stool and also climbing the window sill, hanging on to the burglar proof for dear life. It was comedy extraordinary all the way.

But that was 2001 (or was it 2002?), thirteen or fourteen years ago. Whatever advanced location-based network services that Glo has recently launched and which now bars me from their networking in my own home is too advanced for me. I have contacted Glo customer care, but the situation has persisted. I am unable to imagine how many calls that I have missed, or how many friends, family members, clients and partners who may now be wondering why I have become incommunicado.

Tomorrow morning, I am off to Etisalat to have my number ported over to their network. Yes; I know that porting has its issues, but none of them seems to be at par with being unreachable in my own home. I will port first and come and tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about the experience. What is life without adventure and experiences?

As for Glo’s marketing thing about ruling your world, I wonder how I am supposed to rule anything if I can’t reach or be reached. As at tonight, I have had it. People praise me for having stuck with Glo this long. It isn’t my fault. I give a dog a long rope to hang it. Bar a miracle that happens while I sleep and the Glo network returns before I wake, it is adieu to Glo.

Pssst: I returned to Glo some months after. A story for another day 😉


GloMobile recharge – Rule or Ruin your world?

glo recharge card

glo recharge card
Have you ever purchased a mobile recharge card and while scratching it to reveal the airtime PIN, ran into trouble? You have? Awesome! You’re not alone. This used to be a common occurence on almost all the mobile networks in the past. Thankfully, many of them have addressed the issue and you don’t have to approach the scratching of your card with “fearful trepidation” as someone expressed their morbid fear of scratching Glo recharge cards yesterday.

Yes; Glo. GloMobile is probably the last of the GSM dinosaurs to fix the poor quality of their recharge cards. A friend expressed her experience with scratching Glo recharge cards yesterday, and almost everyone who responded to her complaints agreed that Glo has the poorest quality recharge cards in the industry. I concur. I have all four GSM network SIMs, and scratching a Glo card is the most traumatic experience of the lot. As a matter of fact, whenever I purchase a Glo recharge card, I ask the vendor to kindly help with the scratching. You see, it takes skills. Sadly, I don’t have them.

Here are samples of what people are saying about Glo recharge cards:

I will share a recent personal experience.

Just this week, I was in a hurry and purchased a N500 card without getting it scratched on my behalf. I’m sure that you know how the story went. I ended up with a damaged card and couldn’t figure out the airtime PIN. I had to call the customer care liine. Thankfully, I have access to the special line for “high networth customers”, and got through in one dial (does anyone still get through via 121?). I lodged my complaint and was asked for the serial number of the damaged card and the PIN numbers that I could see. My line was later credited with the airtime value.

Lovely customer care service. Issue resolved nicely. Still, what would it cost Glo to produce better recharge cards and spare customers the ritual trauma that comes from trying to scratch those cards with “fearful trepidation”?

Over to you, Glo. I know your guys read this blog. I can assure you that you’ve lost many customers to this issue alone. Our BP should never have to go up anytime we want to top up our Glo prepaid lines.


A Bizarre Experience at a Gloworld Customer Outlet


Globacom logo

A few days ago, I was at a gloworld outlet around my house to file a complaint about my line not getting the free internet data bonus on recharge as GloMobile advertised.

Something intriguing happened while I was being attended to by a customer care agent whom I would like to call Miss Bo.

Miss Bo asked me what my complaint was then I told her that I don’t get my free internet data after recharging my line with N200 and above.

Read more


Where is the 4G/LTE network that Glo “launched” in January 2011?


At an elaborate event last year, Globacom supposedly “launched” a 4G/LTE network in Nigeria. From the article published on Mobility blog in January 2011:

Globacom on Tuesday, January 11, blazed another trail in the country as it launched the First 4G-LTE network of Nigeria.

Here is the link to the article: Glo announces the first 4G/LTE network in Nigeria.

This is a year and half later and there is no sign of this 4G/LTE network. I keep wondering, How exactly do you “launch” a non-existent product/service? Not only do we have ghost workers, but now also “ghost networks.”

Still, I may be wrong. Anyone out there who is running on Glo’s LTE network should please give us a shout-out.