1. I was shocked just now until it dawned on me that I have an android smartphone. It's as simple as moving the whatsapp usage from BB to Android. Chikena! No qualms. I'm still on board with BB10

  2. Metamba

    If rim sells enuff bb10 phones, I'm sure they will develop an app for bb10. Bb10 apps are said to be similar to android apps. So, it shouldn't be hard porting to bb10

  3. Harry Echemco

    Some of the big players out there are now trying to suppress some platforms through starvation of services. It may go their way, but sometimes, things have a way of turning against the big and established players.

    Think of Microsoft refusing to acknowledge on time that the world has shifted to mobile and are now chasing the market from behind. Nokia refusing to accept that Symbian is too old and awkward to compete in the modern smartphone business and because of their dominant market position, believed everything will always revolve around their smartphone designs and ideology. Symbian eventually kisses the dust while Nokia is now chasing the smartphone market from an unhealthy position. Intel refusing to channel energy on time to design processors good enough for real mobility and are now also chasing the market.

    All these withdrawal of support for some platforms that are having a bad patch might end up haunting the ones that think they are on top should those platforms eventually gain some traction. Though these actions are more likely going to snuff out life out of these struggling platforms, or at least seriously suppress their growth, there is still the chance that Google and others engaged in this kind of underhand competition could regret it tomorrow.

  4. Belushi

    This is sad. Is there any alternative for whatsapp on bb? Dont think so. We have mere chat alternatives, but file/location sharing? I am not happy with this news. I hope they get to develop the app anyhow they can. Either RIM paying or high sales figure of BB10 forcing the developers.

  5. EyeBeeKay

    s there any alternative for whatsapp
    on bb? Dont think so.

    there is ^Imsy ". available for all major platforms.

    see http://www.cloudnomy.com/imsy-app-200/

    better than Whatsapp, I think. .

    Sadly, they lack the numbers

  6. Whatsapp is not a dealbreaker for me. I can live without it on my smartphones.

    What I'm looking for in BB10 is a great keyboarded-phone, long battery life, and a more mature, functional UI.

  7. enessy

    Saw a similar post on crackberry yesterday! But that is not stopping me from getting the bb10, viber works well on blackberry n supports viber to viber calls, so I will be using that till whatsapp realizes their mistake

  8. Peju

    This needs to be updated. I have whatsapp on my Z10. It works fine no can share directly from my twitter account to it.


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