1. shayman

    Not cheap at all...infact am not buyin again....

    Yomi...check the browser settings very well..the flash settings Might be set to disabled by default...

  2. Shayman, I just checked again. Images are set to be displayed, and plugins are set to Always On. Nothing else in there pertaining to multimedia.

    Still flash animations on web pages won't load.

  3. Abubakar Jibril

    This device has got everything but one, a WiFi connection. A good business phone though. Keep it up Yomi!

  4. Akinwale

    I've been using the Galaxy Pro for almost four weeks now and I can authoritatively say that this review is just short of being complete. For the USB connection to your computer, pls install the Keis software from Samsung website. The camera is one of the best in the 3.5mp category, very very clear. For internet browsing download Dolphine browser from the android market and you can play at flash application.

    Its a great phone, I got it at N40k and have no regret!

    • Akinwale,

      You say that the 3 megapixel camera on the Galaxy Pro is one of the better out there?

      Have you ever used the camera on the aging Sony Ericsson P1i (released in 2007)? It is light years ahead of what is on this Android. No sir, the camera on the Galaxy Pro does not cut it in the 3 megapixel world.


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