Cloudflare has introduced the DNS app so you can secure and speed up your mobile internet usage. It is probably difficult for you to imagine that DNS app by Cloudflare will hide your internet connection

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Cloudflare has introduced the DNS app so you can secure and speed up your mobile internet usage.

It is probably difficult for you to imagine that there is any company that serves more web traffic than Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Bing, and Wikipedia combined. But that is a very valid introduction to Cloudflare.

Perhaps the only company that serves more web traffic is Google. Yet, it isn’t a name that is familiar to the average web user. You would automatically want to ask, What exactly does the company do?

In layman’s language, the company’s main offers services that makes websites more secure and load faster. One of those services is a DNS, short for Domain Name System. Think of DNS as the “directory of the Internet”, similar to a telephone directory.

What does DNS app by Cloudflare do for you? DNS app by Cloudflare

When you install and enable the DNS app on your phone, it hides your internet connectivity. But if you have nothing to hide, what is the point?

Well, everything you do on the internet is being monitored. For example, even your ISP is likely selling your browsing history to interested parties who then use the information to send you targeted ads. The Cloudflare app helps you block that, should you not want it.

The app creates a VPN on your phone.In addition to providing you security and privacy, it also makes your browsing faster if you are accessing any of the millions of websites that are serviced by Cloudflare’s network.

Download the DNS app

The app is completely free. There are no ads, no in-app purchases, and your data is not sold.

Download for Android and iOS.

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  1. Just uninstalled.. really didn’t notice any difference after more than 2 months of use, still seeing ads n such.. plus just discovered it was using a massive 168mb of ram, as in!!!

    Don’t get me wrong, using a 4gb ram phone, but 168mb for next to nothing..


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