Fancy 10GB RAM on your phone? Think Vivo Xplay7

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If the story filtering in through the tech grapevine turns out accurate, then we will be seeing the first smartphone with 10GB RAM this year, and it will be the Vivo Xplay7. So, if you fancy that kind of bleeding edge, you know what device to keep your eyes on.

Vivo Xplay7 with 10GB RAM

The Journey Up To 10GB RAM

We talk about the marvels of bigger batteries and fast battery charging technology, we talk about improvements in display technology, and we talk about fingerprint and face sensors. It has been a crazy ride with RAM too though in the Android smartphone world, so let’s go down memory lane.

In 2015, 4GB RAM showed up on Android smartphones. It was ground-breaking then. Little did we know that it would double within a year.

Vivo and OnePlus were among the first brands to produce smartphones with 6GB RAM, and that happened in 2016. Samsung Electronics was an early promoter, producing the first set of 6GB RAM chips.

But 8GB RAM was not far off either. In 2017, these showed up in Android smartphones like OnePlus 5T, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Razer Phone, and ZTE’s nubia Z17 twins, among others.

The Android Specs Race

Last year, as everyone raced after 6GB of RAM and above, a Huawei official made a statement to say that 4GB RAM was enough. According to him, what Android OS needed was more optimisation to match iOS, instead of chips with higher specifications.

He has a point. Android has been a resource hog from the beginning, needing more of everything to stay competitive with iOS devices. In recent times, Google has made attempts to optimise the software, even coming up with a version called Android Go, which is designed to be much more efficient.

10GB RAM may really just be overkill, to be honest. But then, Android fanboys love the glitter of higher specs and will lap it up. Generally speaking, Android smartphones have been one specs race after another. More processor cores. Bigger RAM. More megapixels.

Besides RAM though, a leak of the Vivo Xplay7 indicates that it will be turning up with some more impressive features, including the Snapdragon 845 processor, Face ID, an Edge-to-edge display, and an in-display fingerprint sensor. However you look at it, it all makes for interesting conversations and entertainment.

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