The much anticipated Infinix Zero 4 and its twin, the Zero Plus were launched in Lagos only just yesterday. We got our hands on the Zero 4…

12 hours with the Infinix Zero 4 Plus

The much anticipated Infinix Zero 4 and its twin, the Zero Plus were launched in Lagos only just yesterday. We got our hands on the Zero 4 Plus and got right to ooh-ing and aah-ing over it. You know how we are with new toys. Irredeemable actually. Anyway, the Infinix Zero 4 Plus gave off strong impressions quickly and we are here to share them with you.

  1. With a 5.98-inch display, the Zero 4 Plus belongs in the big category of smartphones. But, it is big and beautiful. Finally, Infinix Mobility seems to have gotten their inner design ninja on fleek. The Zero 4 Plus immediately reminded me of the clean lines and smooth edges of the UMi Plus. The 2.D screen is great. It started with the Hot S (see photo gallery) and then the Note 3 (see review). The Zero 4 is the first Infinix flagship that comes off as a premium device.Infinix Zero 4 Plus
  2. If my memory serves me right, for the first time, there is display protection on an Infinix smartphone. Gorilla Glass 4. Hell must have frozen over. That is mega, and I am loving it.
  3. I do not like the protruding camera bump. For one, it is likely to turn out a magnet for scratches on the lens. But that hump means it has a big sensor, and a big sensor is a good thing for quality photos. See my life? Besides the hump, I am excited about the camera. Initial shots have been quite good.
  4. The Zero 4 Plus supports Glo 4G’s rare LTE band 28(700). I popped my Glo SIM card inside it, dived into settings to peg it to 4G, and I was browsing 4G broadband internet in moments. Nice one. It joins our list of smartphones that work on Glo 4G. Of course, it supports the usual suspects: Smile 4G, Ntel 4G, MTN 4G, Etisalat 4G and Spectranet 4G. It actually supports all LTE networks in the country. Nice.
  5. The Zero 4 Plus runs smooth in use. Really smooth. No surprise there, considering the 2.1 GHz Helio X20 processor and 4 GB of RAM built in. Nice.
  6. I was expecting 64 GB internal storage, but was shocked when I dived into the Settings to check and found that the phone has only 32 GB. Oh; I cried. It isn’t a deal breaker for me, but you know….expectations from unconfirmed leaked specs.
  7. I am excited about the 4,000 mAh battery. You know why: I like to leave home in the morning with my phone fully charged and not have to worry about running out of power all day.

Infinix Zero 4 Plus camera

Infinix Zero 4 Plus benchmark tests

We also put the Infinix Zero 4 Plus through our regular line-up of benchmark tests. Have a look at the scores we got:


  • AnTuTu: 84,799
  • Geekbench 4: 1,587 Single-core / 4,535 Multi-core
  • Quadrant: 5,172

Those results are not bad at all. 84,799 on AnTuTu is a really good score. The Zero 4 Plus is a powerful smartphone.

Infinix Zero 4 Plus lower edge


Expect our gallery of photos of the Zero 4 Plus shortly, and after that, our detailed review. But it is clear that we already like this one; isn’t it? Barring any surprises, Infinix looks like they have got a winner here.


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  1. The single best news I got out of this article is that the Infinix Zero 4 supports GloNG’s LTE network (Hurray!!!)
    This is definitely gonna be my Christmas gift.
    Thank you Mobility! Thank you Infinix!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful review.
    Please, I am skeptical of that its support for Glo 4G Band 28 (700Mhz). Please does the phone have 4G selection alone in settings ? or Auto i.e 2G,3G and 4G which means the phone could pick any one that is available to it? Sorry for asking you this question because the review i read on the phone from one Pakistani writer does not mention FDD Band 28, among the bands it support, but other common bands . I am writing this because I have opted for Hauwei Mate 7 before, just because of its support for Glo 4G and if your review is true, I want to back down to ZERO 4 PLUS. But I want to be sure the phone didn’t just pick any network it likes (May be 3G) automatically and confused it with GLO 4G. Thanks

  3. Opeyemi,

    There is no way a smartphone can pick any 3G network it likes and confuse it for Glo 4G. If it doesn’t support a 4G LTE band, it cannot lock on to it.

    To answer your question, yes; the Zero 4 Plus supports 4G Only mode.

    I just ran a check with an app and it confirms that the Zero 4 Plus supports LTE band 28(700). Other supported LTE bands include: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 38, and 40.

  4. Do you have the Infinix Zero 4 so as to confirm if it also has support for LTE band 28?
    Since it doesn’t use the Helio X20 processor in the Zero 4 Plus, I am suspicious it might not.

  5. Hey Mister mobility please change your profile picture.. you are smiling in a way like u are making fun of your own work….

  6. Does it mean you cannot use the two sims and at the same time have the sd card in it?

  7. Bought an infinix note 4 pro in September 2017, found it lacking in several fields. Took it back to the dealer for a swap to infinix zero 4 plus. The difference I was made to pay was ridiculously outrageous, considering the fact that I purchased the note 4 pro verion with xpen and smart flip cover was published at premium price. The zero 4 plus, a nice gadget though, boasting a 21mp camera cannot compete with note 4 pro boasting of 13mp camera in clarity and lighting details. I wondered why. Is the camera on the zero 4 plus over-rated? If so, it had thrown some mud on all its claims. I’m still trying to come to term with it though.

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